December 6th, 2004

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late night cafe or eatery w/ espresso in wallingford peferrably on the #44 rout? (well i guess any place on the 44 rout will do)

i'll be needing to do some cramming in a place where i dont have my usual distractions and an atmosphere that wouldnt also be too distracting.
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♥aftermath of the style swap.

Isn't this bag so rad?

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I also got a black scarf from key_chan but no picture of that..It was sweet of her to stop by and wait for meeh since i was late. I also got a cute tanktop from _tvcasualty [her or Kristen] yet again no pics :9

i wish i could have taken more pictures >

For next style swap, i will actuaily arrive on time rather than 30mintues late? *sorry guys*
I think more people need to go so that swapping and selling is more intresting, but it was still fun ^^. Thank you for everyone who made it I had such a great time, and it was awesome meeting other FRUiTs fashion freaks and making new friends. :)

*eep i want to add this in too.

So when should we have the next style swap? What month is good for everyone? I would really like some input so i can start planning a.s.a.p ♥

::so tired...i need to go to sleep::
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So I know this gets posted quite a bit, but I checked the memories. Does anyone know a good salon to get an inexpensive cut (and by that I mean less than $30)? Anywhere in the north seattle region would be great. Thanks.
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Flexcar Feedback

Apologies if I missed a thread on this in the memories somewhere....

I live right around the corner from a Flexcar, and since I am Downtown having a car of my own is impractical. I have NO idea how many hours/miles a month I'd need it for, and I was curious what people thought of Flexcar overall.

Is it a good value? What do people think of it? How does the rumored "free parking" work?

Thanks much!!!
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photobooth help

Where are some good photoboothes around Seattle that are NOT downtown(or, at least, not someplace I'd have to pay for parking or walk a long way if they are in that area), most idealy, in the u-district?
does northgate mall have any?
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Cute kitty needs a home

I have a cat named Ping that I'm trying to find a good home for. She's a young adult, about 3 or 4 years old by guess. She is up to date with all of her shots, very healthy, and comes with her latest vet records. All of her claws are still intact, and she does not have an electronic tag.

She's very affectionate and playful, but also independant when in the mood and would be happiest as a single indoor/outdoor cat. Her fur is very full and makes her look a little larger than her 8 lbs. We think she has some Norwegian Forrest cat ancestry; her fur is very soft and mostly takes care of itself.

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Sorry for posting twice in one day, but-

What's the deal with the Ballard animal shelter? Several people have told me they think it's a no-kill shelter- but I was looking over the site and it said "Last year more than 3,000 animals were adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter, but approximately 2,000 had to be euthanized." So it is a kill shelter afterall?

I wanted to start fostering a cat after the holidays; is this a big process there? Is it apt to be hard to allowed to foster an animal, or is it the other extreme and very painless?

Portland advice please?

Hi, I am going to Portland this weekend to meet an old friend and I know absolutely nothing about where I'm going or doing. I've never even set foot in Oregon before and my friend who is meeting me is asking me to choose a hotel to stay at. We want to splurge a bit on a semi decent hotel (would rather not spend much more than around 100 bucks a night), but I really don't know what is where in relation to anything else, and want to stay in a nice part of the city, and hopefully somewhere that I can park my car as well.

I am hoping for some advice from locals here on what to do there (as I'm sure it's common that people drive over there for weekends from Seattle all the time) and maybe some hotel or location advice?

She sent me links for these hotels so far:

I think the last 2 are going to be too expensive though...