December 5th, 2004

what the whore?

expensive cable!

I jsut called Comcast to see what their prices are for basic cable..its coem to around 30 fuckin' bucks a month jsut for Basic!

and a 27 some odd dollar installation fee.

ugh..I odn't have that kind of money for just 'basic' television.

I remember back in the day whe basic cable was like..10 bucks a month.

the question is: Doea anyone know of any other 'decently' cheap cable companies that serve Basic cable to the Greater Seattle area?

I mean..30 bucks a month is robbery. I only want to watch the news and cartoons...geeze.
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(no subject)

If you live right by the Red Line on Olive and Denny, have qwest dsl, and recently got a linksys wireless router, thanks. I have been using it on my palm, and it's fast. That's the only reason, btw. I can't use much bandwidth on this device, and I'm not browsing your network. However, others may be doing more, and your router seems completely unsecured. You may wish to secure your router. If you do, I won't cry, I'll just go back to using the Red Line's wifi. I'm posting from your dsl, by the way.
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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre?

Hey all. I checked the memories and have been googling, but figured someone out there would have an answer. My main man would really like to go to a murder mystery dinner theatre type thing, but one of those neato interactive ones. Suggestions? Are there any? Contact info/websites? Prices? Did it rock? Was it lame? Thanks so much!

Qwest Field

Hey Everybody,

I have a question and it may seem kind of stupid but this is my first December in Seattle and I would like to know, are the red and green lights on Qwest field because of the holidays or what? I'm just curious because I see these things everyday driving home (I live downtown).

Any input is helpful!
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(no subject)

I did a google search, but since I'm not familiar with the city save for downtown/cap hill, tell me please, where might I find fabric stores in that general area, or near by? Fashion fabric, preferably...

Many thanks.
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New to Seattle - HELP!

ok... so I asked this girl if she wanted to go to the Zoo this weekend

only problem is the money I thought I was going to have for it just disapeared

doing the student thing and not employed yet

This city is so expensive, I don't know of anything that's really free and worth anyone's time here. The only solution I have come up with to solve this problem is donating plasma.

is there anywhere I could bring a girl for zero $ in seattle that wouldn't make me look like a cheapskate douche?

or... if nothing else does anyone know where I can get some money for donating plasma?
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Hi, does anyone know a good optometrist (preferably near the south end or downtown seattle... but anywhere inside Seattle is ok)? Either doctor or hospital, etc.

I've been wearing glasses for a while now and need contacts in order to play Rugby.

I have pretty decent insurance, so that won't be a problem.

Also, where is the cheapest place to buy contacts? I've been hearing Costco... but do you have suggestion for a better place?

Perhaps I should mention, I am not very wallet friendly, being a high school student.