December 4th, 2004

amazing fantastic affordable house cleaning

Once again for the third time these folks came in and did a fantastic cleaning of our house in record time for less money than most past cleaners have charged for a lot less work.

I don't know if they want their number up on LJ (although I can't imagine it would be a problem really). If you want their number, give me a shout via email.
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teen art shows?

i'm not really sure what i'm asking here.

i've been looking for a place for me to display my photography. i was wondering if anyone knew of any kind of programs for teens that involve gallery space or something along those lines. i realize this is a way broad question, but any information you all have would be muy exellente. thanks!

Theater to rent out for a private or group block movie showing?

An organization I'm in would like to either reserve about 30 tickets for a movie that's coming out in January, or would like to rent the entire theater for it. We have very little money (beyond regular movie ticket money) for this. We need to meet somewhere between Seattle and Tacoma since we have members living in both area. Can anyone recommend a small, inexpensive venue? Or maybe how to buy a bulk set of tickets at a theater that will gauruntee that we can get in?

Up With Science, Down With Santa!

Anyone know where I might obtain used beakers and other labware? No, I'm not going to use them for making drugs. I'm going to put flowers in them, or maybe drawing utensils.

On a completely unrelated note: Does anyone else hate those damned spinning Santas on the Olympic Manor sign as much as I do?
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I need to replace a wheel (and tire) on a Saturn.

Any suggestions on good salvage yards or other means of acquiring wheels on the cheap (other than Less Schwab and the like whom I'm already aware of).

Thank you.
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I guess I'll watch the game at home.

You know you're addicted when you call Key Arena (684-7200) to find out if they have wifi and decide against going to the Sonics/Blazers game because they don't.

    Me: Does Key Arena have wifi?
    Young woman that answered the phone: I don't know.
    Me: Could you find out?
    (Listening to her ask over her walkie talkie)
    Her: I have a strange question. Does Key Arena have wifi?
    Reply: Sorry, at this time we do not.
    Me: Thanks.
    Her: (Hangs up on me)
Seriously, it wasn't a prank call :P Go Sonics!
creep rat disco


In Hong Kong every morning I was drinking this stuff that is served warm called Horlicks.  Every restaurant that expected Brits for breakfast had it - even if they were serving dim sum or chow fun.  Back here in Seattle it's easy to find all sorts of asian food at either Uwajimaya or 99 Ranch Market.  But, where in the world do I find this strange Brit thing called Horlicks?  The "European" specialty food stores along Aurora all seem to be Russian.

Searching internets just confuses me.  There seems to be some story about it being invented by Americans and owned by Nestle and that it's the same thing as ovaltine.  But really, no, what I had in Hong Kong wasn't Ovaltine.

So, what says seattle about where to find Horlicks?
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    wantin' some Horlicks!