December 2nd, 2004

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Opening this Friday!

LIVE GIRLS! presents Holiday XXX- Four Charactors in Search of a Play.

Dec 3rd-11th Fri, Sat, Mon 8pm Sun 2pm
$12 Suggested Donation
Phone: (206) 568-1985 ext 3

For the third year in a row Live Girls! cooks up a naughty little experiment just in time for the holidays.

Holiday XXX- Four Charactors in Search of a Play.
Three brand new one-act plays featuring the same four characters in the hands of three different writers, Joy McCullough-Carranza, Mallory MacKay-Brook, and Zoe Fitzgerald.

This year's line-up will be directed by Dorothy Lemoult, William Burke
and Erin Stewart. It features Natalie Gilmore as Dr. Georgia Alestra,
Alicia Barta as Florida Alestra, Raymond Williams as Dr. Lester
Theodore Chesterfield the 3rd, and Jonah Martin as Kenrick Gee.

At Live Girls Theater 620 Alaskan way 2nd Floor across from the Ferry Terminal in
Pioneer square between Yesler and Columbia. Enter through the Antique
Importers door.

It will make you love elves, want to drink Egg Nogg, visit the Space Needle more often and look at your dysfunctionnal family with love !
Come ! We have a lot of fun down there.... and there is a bar!!!

Conor Love

Daphne Loves Derby.

I don't know how many of you kids listen to Daphne Loves Derby, but they're in the January issue of AP magazine. It came out in stores today, for all of the people that don't subscribe to it. So yeah. That's pretty much it. If you like them, you should buy it. And if you don't, you should still buy it. Support the local "scene."
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Seattle people, Receptionist needed Jan 1st *UPDATE*

Borseno's Barbershop
1406 b NE 50th
Seattle, WA 98105


Westside Barbershop
3443 California Ave
Seattle, Wa (west seattle)

Will need a receptionist begining in January.
Needs a receptionist ASAP.

Everything below still applies.
She'll pretty much hire the first well groomed, confident person that walks through the door.
You could start as soon as tomorrow.

4-5 days a week preferred. AM shifts (9:30-3:15) to start and you can easily pick up shifts. Free Haircuts, $5 Colour services, Free Tanning, wear what you like to work. You can study at work if it's slow. I don't know the exact pay. It varies per Receptionist/experience. ect. Under $10 to Start. Position will most likely develop into management with a healthy increase in pay.

Best times to make a good impression with the management?
- Friday & Saturday before 4pm at Westside
- Saturday before 3pm at Borseno's

Shops open at 10am
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This might be a bit premature but...

I'm planning on moving at the end of the month from Renton to Mill Creek and I was wondering if anyone was interested in making a quick buck. I'll pay $10 an hour for someone to do all the pre-inspection cleaning (in my Renton Apt). It's only a one bedroom apartment and nothing you'd find on "America's Most Disgusting Houses". I'm assuming it would be on Dec 31st. It should only take a few hours at the most so you'll be done in time to par-tay. Even though I'd be paying you I'd still consider it a huge favor. It would help cut my moving time down considerably and make the whole event less stressful.

Comment with your email address and I'll let you know closer to the actual date. Thanks!

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Does anyone know of a sliding scale dentist who does teeth whitening?

I doubt that I'm going to have much luck because it's not a necessary procedure. The dentist I've gone to all my life charges $300 plus the fee for a cleaning on top of that. I have no insurance so I don't know if the $400+ I would have to spend would be worth it.

Speaking of making a quick buck...

Looking for someone to do light housecleaning a couple times a month. Basic stuff: bathroom, kitchen, floors, some dusting. We've got a small house (~1200 sq. feet), live a few minutes north of UW on an easy bus line (65). The person who currently cleans our house does a decent job in about 2.5 hours, and she comes twice a month--interested?

Hard requirements: provide a couple personal/professional references, don't get freaked out if you find something you shouldn't have been looking for in the first place, ask first if you're going to eat leftovers from my fridge.

Advice About Acting Programs

Hello Everyone:

I didn't find anything about this in the memories, so hopefully I'm not rehashing an old question. I recently moved to Seattle and am looking into the local offerings for acting schools/studios/workshops. There are about ten zillion to choose from and I'm having a hard time finding any useful feedback about them. Any warnings or recommendations? Any opinions on The Seattle Acting School?

Thanks for any input!
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Dear Broadway Grill sloths-

You need to move your asses a little faster. You used to be my favorite place on the Hill to eat. Now I only go there when I have three hours to spare. And that's without cocktails. If I want dinner and cocktails at your restaurant, I better put aside my whole evening, because that's how long you take to get it together.

You had one waiter, once upon a time, who could get me a refill of my drink within 15 minutes, which was mighty special compared to the other sludge waiters/waitresses. But he's gone now.

The pace of Broadway Grill's waitstaff is more like sloths on a very high dose of Valium. I think they hang upside down and take naps between orders.

So a heads-up to newbies in Seattle- If you have a life to attend to and need a bite to eat, I don't recommend Broadway Grill, and I certainly don't recommend it for anybody looking to have some drinks with their meal. I doubt anybody has that much time to spare. You're seriously lucky if they bring you your cocktail within fifteen minutes of ordering it at that place.

I miss the one solitary GOOD waitperson they had for a very brief time at Broadway Grill. He made it possible for me to be in and out within two hours.

two dev jobs at my company (Edit 12/3--the writer jobs have closed)

The following are PERM positions at my company, IDX, which produces very good medical software. If you are interested,the best way to go about things is to submit your resume via the website at The job postings are cleverly hidden under the Corporate/Careers tab. If you search on the ID numbers, you'll pull up the jobs and will be able to submit a resume. The reason for submitting a resume via the website is that they will go directly into the In box for those jobs, and also because it makes your resume accessible to other recruiters in the company.

Company information, from the website:Collapse )

Senior Tech Writer, Carecast (ID 2349)

Microsoft Office products
Visio, RoboHelp or other HTML authoring tools
Web/HTML/XML authoring experience
Experience in a source control environment
Experience working from or writing functional specifications

Preferred Skills:
Previous experience writing technical documentation for clinical, patient accounting or medical records software
Experience with LastWord or Carecast
Structured writing/information modeling experience
Any clinical work history & accompanying certification would be a huge plus
Rational Unified Process preferred

Full posting behind the cut:Collapse )

Sr. Tech Writer 2431

User of:
--MS Word
--versioning software

experience with large-scale, integrated, tailorable software products
knowledge and experience:
--information architecture
--Help design
--Web Technologies
--CSS and Word style sheets
--technical documentation for clinical, patient accounting or medical records software

Full posting behind cut: Collapse )

SW Engineer/Dev/Senior - Carecast (2376)
This one requires previous experience with COBOL and our products Lastword or Carecast

Job requirements
• Background and experience in development methodology
• Real-time, online application development
• LastWord or Carecast Development experience
• Thorough understanding of Carecast product modules & environment

• HP Non-Stop/Tandem

Full posting: Collapse )

SW Engineer/Dev/Senior - Carecast (2376)--COBOL, test, and Web dev
I am told that this one is a position for a jack of all trades--a roll-up-your-sleeves and do-whatever-needs-to-be-done position. It would be perfect for a tester with some dev experience who wants to move into dev.

3 years experience as a software developer/tester
one year of COBOL coding experience
strong Java development skills

3 years software test experience for applications using a variety of technologies preferably including: Java, J2EE, and web services
Experience with load testing using automated tools
Experience with Javadoc style documentation of code
Experience with Ant

Experience with J2EE, and web services
Healthcare information technology background
Experience on the HP NonStop/Tandem

Full posting:Collapse )

Feel free to ping me if there is more you want to know about the company. I don't have much more detail about the specific jobs, though.
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So, a recent post made me wonder about this:
Say you had two stores which were next door to eachother. They both sell, for example, hiking supplies. One is locally owned, and the other is corporate owned. The corporate store has more selection, better prices, friendlier employees, and easier returns. Which one would you shop at? If the local store, why?

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I'm getting desperate to find a roommate, i've been posting on The Stranger and on Craigslist. Are there any other places to post that people have had luck with before? Or are there any females needing a place to live for 600 a month?

I-318--Instant Runoff Voting

A message from the Instant Runoff Voting Campaign of Washington State:

The election is [almost] over. We have worked hard, but our successes are hard to discern. Now, perhaps more than ever, can we afford to sit back and let politics as usual proceed? No!

Change is painfully slow, in part because the system is rigged so that we are often forced to compromise our ideals to choose between bad and worse.

Now, however, we ALL have an EXCITING and URGENT opportunity to reform our voting process into one that would make progressive change much more likely to occur. We have a chance to bring to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) to Washington State, and we need your URGENT help.

IRV allows voters to select their candidates in order of preference. A candidate that receives over 50% of the votes wins. If no candidate achieves a majority, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. Voters whose first choice lost then have their votes given to their second-choice candidate. This continues until someone receives a majority.

With IRV, no one’s vote will be wasted and it eliminates the spoiler factor. Voters will be able to vote their true beliefs first, while still making effective backup choices among the remaining acceptable candidates.

Initiative 318 is an initiative to the legislature. The legislature may either enact it as it is, draft their own version, or not do anything. In either of those last two cases, I-318 will be placed on the November 2005 ballot. If the legislature has drafted their own version, both versions will be on that ballot.

This important initiative has been filed, and 200,000 signatures are due by December 21st. Practically speaking, that's 5,000 people getting 40 signatures each or 10,000 people at 20 each.

Are there 5-10,000 voters in Washington State who will see this as helpful to progressive change? There certainly should be! But we have no time to lose!

We urge you to get involved now! Here's how: Please contact IRV for Washington (IRVWA, ) to learn more about IRV and sign up to petition. On the IRV home page, either at the top center of the page or under the “Quick Start” heading on the right side of the page, click on “Sign In Now for IRV I-318” and fill out the Contact Information. You can ask to be sent copies in the mail, or pick them up at a distribution point, which will save time and money. (For instructions on how to print copies directly off the website, click on the left side of the home page on “Petitioner’s Page”, and “Print Your Own Petitions” on the Petitioner’s Page.) If you will pick up your petitions at a distribution point, please say so in the comments section of the sign-in boxes. This will help us all keep track of petitions and will greatly increase the effectiveness of this concerted effort. If you can, please let us know on the website if you can volunteer to write letters to the editor, phone bank, and/or do paperwork.

Let's all work together on a first step toward the systemic change we need!

Thank you!

Jody Grage Haug

Petitions are available at the following locations:

New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S, Seattle (near S Alaska St on #7 and #9 buslines in Columbia City)

David Nichle (front porch), 5038 17 Ave NE (University District)

Jody Haug (front porch), 2428 NW 56 St (Ballard)

SNOW Office, 220 N 70 St

It's Thursday again...

And that means another night of Schizophrenia! Tonight we have DJs Kaosqueen and Dancemonkey spinning anything from wave to industrial and club hits! Requests are always welcome! Doors open at 9. $4.00 cover. Be 21+ w/ id please. We're located in the alley under the Autobattery shop at 10th and Union in Capitol Hill. See you there!
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Where to buy: Banded collard shirt

So I own my own tux and want a new shirt to go in it.
I want a banded collar and I would like a colored shirt. (I own a white one)

So far the following stores have not helped me at all:
Nordstroms, The Bon, and Men's WearHouse

A call to a few wedding rental stores only have white ones.

Anyone have any idea where one can be found?
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Franken Boot!

Howdy Seattle! Wanted to let everybody know that Seattle now is the 3rd city in the country with a monthly Mash-Up/Bootleg music night! This is big news, since this is a huge phenomenon in the UK and just starting to get big here in the States. I hope you can come down to the ReBar this Saturday and help make it a big success!

oh, and if you don;t know what a mash-up is, search for "Get Your Bootleg On", the Europe-based headquarter website for all Mash-up an bootleg info!

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If I was subletting a room in a house from someone (who were themselves renting that house from a landlord), am I governed by standard landlord/tenant law? Are there special laws for subletting?

Do you know of websites or resources that could be helpful in learning more information about the legal ins and outs of subletting? I have already read websites discussing what the landlord/tenant laws are, and I have visited the Tenants Union website, both of which were useful but didn't cover the specific issue.