December 1st, 2004

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Sup Seattle!

Happy December Seattlites! It sure is cold outside, I hope you all are keeping warm!

So, while traveling northbound on 4th Avenue yesterday afternoon at about 3:40pm I heard a siren, but not like a police siren, more like a tornado one. It was scarie, cause I hadn't heard anything like it in my life. And it kept going and wailing, until my friendly Metro driver pulled away from the stop at Pike/Pine. (Pike/Pine is where is started to wail)

Anyway, anyone know what that siren/alarm thingy was for? I'd love to be enlightened!

Hope you all have a great holiday season!
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I was wondering if any of you knew of a warehouse/space (free or at some type of cost) that I could use for a photo shoot. I'm looking more south, but am open to whatever suggestions you have, as I do stuff everywhere.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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Are you a social justice activist, organizer, or otherwise concerned about social justice and want to get involved? Come out Saturday to meet like-minded folks for a holiday party and potluck!

You are invited:

An activist holiday party

* Potluck   * Drum circle   * Live music   * Open mic

This is a time of coming together for the vibrant community we've formed on the streets and in meetings. We've come together to oppose oppression, now we coalesce to grow together. This is a gathering of individuals, to recognize one another as members of a larger community working for social justice. Being that we'll surely be shoulder to shoulder in our struggle for a long time to come, this should serve to bring us closer--to nurture and support one another so that we can continue to work together. This means putting away the pamphlets and papers, putting aside our conflicts, to celebrate building another world.

When: Saturday, December 4 @ 6 PM
Cascade People's Center
309 Pontius Ave N (near REI)
What to bring: Food, drums, words, music, comrades and friends

Map for Cascade People's Center
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Microbrew bars

Hello all, I'm not a Seattle resident yet, so if I'm asking a stupid question and you know of a better resource please don't hesitate to direct me there. I took the trip to redmond about a month ago, and after my interview I went out in Bellevue. I ended up at "The Taphouse" and absolutely fell in love with it. Are there any other bars on the East side of seattle with such a great selection of microbrews ( bottle or draught)? Not that I drink every night, but as a single 20-something moving to an entirely new city, I figure I'll need some sort of social outlet. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on where to live? bear in mind I'll be traveling to Redmond every day for work, and I hear traffic is terrible, but also I would kindof like to be able to get to the U of Washington campus to perhaps take a class or two first thing in the AM. Or maybe I'm just completely insane, and that would be completely impractical.

thanks in advance.
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Nintendo DS woes

Does anyone know where I can find a Nintendo DS??? It's for a good cause (my sister's Christmas gift) and now that I finally have the $$ I can't find the DS.

*heavy sigh*

Thanks for any hot video-game-tracking-down tips you can provide.