November 30th, 2004

what the whore?

Internet Scams and Bank fraud

So..I got TWO e-mails from two differnt 'supposed' rich men in africa today..both telling me they wanted me to take thier money, put it in my bank, and do some other crap with it...and this huge pity story about deaths and concentration camps, something about hitler, and a fat woman name bertha-Jeane.

so I wonder, do you all remember the big scam that was going on wiht these emails a few years back? and have you ever gotten one?

if you would liek to read these rediculous e-mails, you are more than welcome to..I have posted them in my journal in the hopes of boring the rest of society with tawdry humor and facist inuendo's.
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Looking for something to do this Saturday?

If you have nothing to do December 4th, 2004 (This Saturday)...

Come on over to the Graceland and watch these guys play. If you like punk rock bands, you won't be disappointed by them.

Show starts at 5pm and it's all ages.

Tickets are $5.00 if you get 'em through, $8.00 at the door. There is a bar for you over-21 types and if you want, you can join me there and knock back a few with me.

Here's complete information:

109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98109
Tickets $5 @, $8 at the door
Show starts at 5pm, All Ages

Other Bands Playing:
Instant Winner
10 Minutes Down
The Morning After

Looking to be a good show folks. Hope to see you there.

My Craigs List Barter

I can cook awesome nutritious food in exchange for you allowing me to use your inversion table. I was recently in a car accident that has left me with 3 herniated disc's. I have my own business but am unable to work because of the accident. I am not taking medicine for anything and rely on massage and physical therapy and acupuncture to take the edge off and was told that an inversion table would help. They are way to expensive for me right now, so here is my pitch. I attended 3 quarters @ the Art Institute in Seattle on a scholarship in their culinary course. I will make your tummy happy, in exchange for me coming over and hanging upside down for a few minutes a few times a week.
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Deck the Hall Ball ticket

I hope this appropriate to post here. I am looking for a Deck the Hall Ball GA ticket for a reasonable price (like, less than $75, which seems to be the average reseller price). I was completely broke when they went on sale but have started and new job and will have some money coming in! Yay! Unfortunately, the GA tickets are now sold out. If anyone here could help me, I would be so grateful.
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a place that sells Mead, made from clover or Heather honey. Preferably the Heather honey. Any ideas on where to look? Heather meads have to sit for years before they are ready to drink, thus the problem of finding a bottle for my friend. We considered making it, but we all move too often to really do this seriously.
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Bawls energy drink

Does anyone know of a place which carries Bawls? QFC in Mill Creek and Canyon Park will have them on occasion, but they are immensely popular and rarely in stock. Are there any other places which have them?

Also, are there any good restaurants (not Denny's, Shari's, or ihop) which are open late or 24 hours? The farther north the better, I'm in mill creek. Thanks!