November 28th, 2004

pickpocket trouble

Friday afternoon my daughter was studying in the Wallingford Tullys when a pickpocket snatched her brandnew ipod out of her coat when she wasn't paying attention. AS far as I know it doesn't have any distinquishing characteristics although it does have a purple skin. There doesn't seem to be any recourse other than perhaps checking out the pawn shops in the area.
So I am posting out of frustration and empathy for her, she hasn't even finished paying for it yet and she needs it to transfer files for her senior thesis ( yes, I realize that wasn't the primary attraction).
So, if anyone has any other sad pickpocket stories to share to make her feel like she is not a total spacecadet, I am sure she would appreciate it.
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Can anyone recommend a local dentist that takes medical coupons and works on a sliding fee scale for low-income families? I broke a tooth today but I have no insurance aside from the coupons and there are a lot of "community clinics" to pick from. My daughter also needs a checkup/cleaning, so an office that handles all ages as well as non-emergency appointments would be preferred. Thanks!