November 23rd, 2004

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Answer the following two questions (please answer these if you have a drivers license only):

01. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

02. Are you male or female?

Thank you. That is all. I may change my question later, but we're sticking with this for now.
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My fiance and I will be coming to Seattle for 5 days in mid-March. I've been dreaming of moving to Seattle since I was a child, and I would like to use this trip as a way to help convince him that Seattle isn't such a bad place, and maybe plant the seed in his head to move out there when we finish grad school. Part of our trip is already planned - we'll be spending a day at Snoqualmie Falls, and staying with relatives in Port Orchard for 2 more days. The other two days is where I need ideas. Where would you take someone and what would you do to sell them on the idea of moving to Seattle?


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i need some help here.
see, i want to take this beautiful man depicted in my photo behind the cut
and place him shirtless (actually prefer naked but i'll take shirtless)
in a church, between pews, praying. i would not want it to be
during the time of a service. i want him there alone.
(though if the place is open to the public it would
be fine for people to be milling about, of course).
i've contacted st. james and blessed sacrament and they
both said that that "would be inappropriate in our congregation"
or "some members of our congregation might be offended by that".


this guy is the living embodiment of his devotion!! and that might be offensive??


can anyone suggest a saner congregation who might allow this idea
to manifest? i think it would be a beauteous thing.
it has to be a christian/catholic environment
since that is the path that this man has chosen.

thank you guys! you always help me so much!! xox

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Does anyone know why cops are blocking off streets downtown? I can't see much from my office window. Just a bunch of cop cars. And I can hear lots of honking.
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My roommates and I saw two small kitties playing in a fenced-in yard of an apartment building on Bellevue, a few blocks north of Denny (in Capitol Hill) two days ago. One of them is a mottled grey with a streak of lighter grey across one eye. The other is a pale orange. They were young, curious, and very playful. Neither of them had a collar on.

Yesterday I found them out on the street. If you are, or know, the owner of these kitties, please contact me ASAP.

(edited for clarity, and cross-posted to Craigslist)
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Photography Class?


I am quite a beginner photographer. I've never taken any classes and primarily use a digital camera. I want to take a photography class that would teach me composition and stuff like that. And probably how to use an "old-fashioned" device. :) In truth, I need to learn everything, but should probably start with the basics. Anyone have any recommendations on good classes?


Rollerblades for Sale. Cross Posting Craigslist

These Skates are almost brand new. They were 250$ when I purchased them, however the female SUV driver that hit me on father's Day has herniated 3 disc's so I will no longer be able to blade. They are Catalyst W K2's with Magnesium wheels. I will throw in the helmet for free if it fits. It is also new. I purchased these @ Greenlake Cycle.
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Free to good home.

IKEA desk.

I can take a picture if necessary but it's not currently assembled, and it's free. It's not in the catalog but I know they still sell them, it's a very basic desk with two solid sides rather than four legs. Top and sides are about two inches thick, assembles with those cam-lock things. Birch veneer, good condition.

I thought we'd have room in our new place for it but it turns out we don't.


Can anyone tell me what in the HELL is going on with the Tully's factory (former Rainier factory) just south of downtown next to I-5? The place looks gutted and empty!

I've got my fingers crossed for a RAINIER BEER REVOLUTION.....

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Does anyone know anything about Super Fun Happy Dog? My bosses went away for the week and left their puppy with them, well they called today and said they'd lost her AN HOUR after they'd picked her up... Anyone sent their dog there before and have it run away? Any info would be great at this point, we looked all night for her and can't come up with what to do next.