November 22nd, 2004

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Motorcade Madness

The King of Spain must be stopped!

I've been blocked by his majesty 3 times in under 24 hours. The parade-like motorcade consists of 60+ motorcycle cops, an ambulance and about 8 black government-looking SUVs. Yesterday afternoon as I wandered around the downtown core I was stopped for about 10 minutes at TWO different intersections waiting for his motorcade to pass.

Today, as my bus approached 8th & Seneca the bus driver informed us of 'police activity ahead' on 4th & Seneca...and that we should get off the bus early if we wanted to get to 4th & Seneca on time. The whole lot of us disembarked and wound our way down the hill. Upon seeing that the 'police activity' was the same damn motorcade from yesterday I became a little miffed.

I must admit it was a little amusing at first, and catching a glimpse of Royalty is always a thrill, however now its just a nuisance.
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I've checked the memories. A few links were helpful, but I'd like to have as many options as possible. A friend and I are looking to get away this weekend. Friday and Saturday night. Somewhere out of the city, I'd like something secluded. Log Cabin-esque or B&B. Something under 100 a night. Nothing fancy, just somewhere relaxing. Private hot tub would be extra cool. I've completely exhausted Friday Harbor, so don't suggest that. I've also covered Kalaloch and Leavenworth.
Right now I'm leaning towards one of two small Islands off of Vancouver, but I could still be convinced to stay in the US, around Western Washington.

Basketball information

As a soccer hooligan^Wfan, I've been reading about the NBA brawl that happened and the suspensions recently, and realized that I have no idea what it means to be suspended for the remainder of the season.  How long is a season in the NBA, and how many games are left this year?
fred says LOOK!
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Ancient village, graveyard torn apart

Ancient village, graveyard torn apart by bridge project

By Lynda V. Mapes
Seattle Times staff reporter


Frances Charles, chairwoman of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, counts cedar boxes holding tribal ancestors' remains unearthed by work in connection with reconstruction of the Hood Canal Bridge, a state Department of Transportation project.

More photographs

PORT ANGELES — In a makeshift morgue, handmade cedar boxes are stacked row upon row, each holding the ancient remains of the ancestors of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, all facing east toward the sunrise.
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childcare in seattle

Hi-We live in north Seattle and I and my wife work as a contract/freelance worker. Usually someone is home with our two year old, but work is work and sometimes we need to both work to pay the rent. Then we need someone to take care of our child. In the past we have used friends, however most of our out-of-work friends have now returned to the workforce which leaves us with no one. Can anyone recommend a daycare/childcare place or idea that can help us out from time to time? The real challenge is often we only need a day or two a week or even just a few hours each day. The few daycares I talked with don't seem very interested in drop-off service like what we need. Thanks much.
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zelda guy

Anyone know the story behind the guy who dresses like Link from the video game Legend of Zelda and hangs out on Broadway ?

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Fuzzy fleece hats now for sale in Fremont!

In the spirit of consumerism, I thought I'd pass along a note that Collapse ) are now for sale ($40) down at Frank and Dunya, 3418 Fremont Ave, in Seattle. Each one is uniquely hand-made and perfect for chilly Northwest weather. Look great up on the slopes at Mt Baker, show your team pride at the next Huskies game, or just have the coolest hat on the block!
Custom orders for bunny ears, kitty ears, and puppy ears are available through the store or by emailing me.

donations of hot water bottles, scarves, hats

I'd like to hand these things out to homeless people on Broadway as part of a site specific dance piece. I don't really have extra to buy a bunch from target or whereever, so am hoping people might donate them. Any items left over would be donated as well.

I could pick them up or people could drop them for me (just say it's for a dance/theater project) at Freehold Studio on Capitol Hill in the Oddfellows building. (I haven't told them about this idea yet - just got it, but I will in the morning).

Handing things out w/o organizational backing isn't illegal in Seattle, is it? I'd rather not get sued or held liable if someone complains a hot water bottle didn't have a warning label.

Heading to Portland Wednesday?

Can't get Craigslist to come up. :(
I can be downtown at 6:05 (from the Bainbridge ferry) if anyone's getting off work about then and would like to split the gas.
Ideally I'd like to bring my 2 cats with me, as this is actually a move and not a Turkey Day visit. They would be in crates - probably a bit meow-y at times, but otherwise OK.
I make a good co-pilot, and can hand drink/burrito/map to driver well. Can tolerate most any music for 3 hours, and make for decent conversation.

Belle Epoque Ball!

WingNut Galleries would like to invite our friends to
join us for our “Belle Epoque Holiday Ball”. This
costume dress affair kicks off our December show “Art
of the Belle Epoque - Art Nouveau to Art Deco” on
Friday, December 3rd from 7 to 11 p.m.. Tickets are
twelve dollars in advance thru WingNut Galleries.

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Real Life

For those of you who post actual pictures of yourself in your journal or use an actual picture of yourself as your userpic, have you ever walked into an establishment in town--your coffee shop of choice or whatever, bar, the bus--and had someone kind of look at you and smirk--like they recognized you, but then not say anything?

Conversely, have you ever recognized someone as a livejournaler, smirked but then not said anything?

(and a big sarcastic Ha Ha Ha in advance to the dork who's going to be like "yeah, I've seen you, but I didn't say anything! =P")