November 20th, 2004

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stupid evil bike theives and perverts

My bike was stolen today from inside the locked basement bike storage area of my apartment building in Cap Hill. Woo hoo, yes, I live with some dirty stinking theives. Rah.

Point is, if anyone see the female version of this bike in black with silver lettering:

...please contact me. It's a 2002 Specialized Expedition Elite. She answers to Zoe (or at least she did before she was stolen by some horrible, malicious fool).

It had front and back fenders and a black universal rack on the back wheel (attached with a U-adapter thingy). It also had a clip thing on the front handle bars that attaches to a light. One of those Kryptonite D-locks is on the frame above the pedals.

In other news, to the guy was who thought it was a good idea to put his hand up my dress at the KMFDM show tonight: I hope someone kicks you in the nuts. Hard.

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Hello everyone! Please help!

meet Wilbur. she's a beautiful little rat that we all met in this post in October.

the plan was that i was going to adopt her by the end of this month, pending the Okay from my building's Manager, from the building's Owner.

unfortunately, all i've received from the Manager is "i forgot to ask", "i'll ask again", "i should have an answer for you tomorrow" and no answer is forthcoming. just a bunch of "hmm"ing and "haw"ing.

please, this rat needs a home by Thanksgiving as her owner is moving to Australia soon. if anyone is interested, please leave a message here and i'll forward it on to the owner or leave a message in the original post about her needing to be adopted.

i'm terribly disappointed that this didn't work out, so if anyone can find her a wonderful home, i'd be eternally grateful!

*edit* my lease explicitly states that i have to have written permission from the owner before i can have a pet (this does not mention the exclusion of fish or caged animals, so aren't i forced to guess it means ALL?). otherwise, this little angel would already be in my home.

imma gonna go cry now.

(and i have passed the link to this entry on to her owner, so she can check in with all you folks that are interested. i'll send her another e-mail, probably on Monday to make sure that she got the first one with the link and cut and paste those of you leaving your contact info here.)

*another edit*

apparently Wilbur was adopted a couple of weeks ago, without my knowledge. nevermind.
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Sociology Survey Update

Thanks to all who signed up! The survey should be up in the next few days.

We are currently looking for more non-artists (of both catergories). Also, there is a new sub-category for former users (both artists and non-artists). Please feel free to let us know if you want to take the survey. I will also post it on livejournal for everyone to take.

I am currently looking for more subjects for an experiment. This is exclusively for substance user artists:

The experiment is a "before" and "after" comparision. Whether it is painting, music, or silkscreening, we need your help.

I want to document your performance before substance use and after substance use. Your performance may be recorded throught photographs, copies of your pieces, audio, and or videotape (you have a choice to not be on videotape or audio, I understand your privacy. However, those on video will not be revealed to anyone; no names, no showing of your face or specific parts of your body that make you recognisable to others, and possibly no talking). Please e-mail me at to let me know if you are interested.

Again, thanks everyone!
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Computer Help, Please...

I seem to have done something terribly wrong to my computer trying to wipe out a stupid Spybot. Does anyone know where I can take my comp for help?
I went on the phone and spoke to the "dell tech support", but I understood very little of what she was saying seeing on how she was in India. I was on hold for 30 mins (not exaggerating!) and then it was about 90 mins of trying to run a diagnostics. Outcome "seems" to be that I did something to my mother board. If anyone knows a good place to go, or can ACTUALLY help me themsleves, that would be awsome. And of course I would be willing to pay. Thankfully it's a laptop, so I'm very mobile.

Mayday, Mayday...

*p.s. I cannot play audio of ANY KIND.

Tent City

What's so bad about Tent City?
Finn Hill isn't exactly in Seattle, but I think Seattle U is/was hosting Tent City 3.

(I've Googled and looked in the memories. I can't really find any good reasons as to why it is bad so I thought that maybe someone in this community might have the inside scoop.)