November 19th, 2004

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On Kiro 7, the morning of nov. 17, around 5-6AM or so, someone was reporting (can't remember who), and there were a couple of people who got into a fight behind the reporter. Did anyone catch this? If so, is there an archive of the video somewhere?

Game system rental

Does anyone know where in the Seattle area (north end is better for me) one could rent a video game system for a few days? I know where I can rent GAMES, but can't seem to find anyone to rent the system, too. I'm not looking for any system in particular - anything newish will be a good start. Thanks!
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Thanksgiving in Seattle?

I just wanted to know of any suggestions for restaurants to go to on Thanksgiving. I live in Northgate and know my way around the U-district. Any suggestions on a place to go that wouldn't be too hard to get in to. Any suggestions on where to go and when to make a reservation? My parents are coming to visit, and I have a small apartment, so it would be better to go eat out. Thanks!