November 18th, 2004



Okay people, you know that little stick looking thing coming out from just behind the steering wheel.. well if you push it up the little arrow blinks right on your instrument consule, push it down and woah it blinks left! Please please PLEASE use them when you're turning and/or switching lanes!
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Looking for someone

I'm helping some people track down a concert recording by the band Coil from a few years ago at the Sonar Festival in Barcalona.

These are the facts:
-The date was June 15th, 2000
-The person is/was from Seattle
-He is/was a fan of the band Tool
-He was traveling with his girlfriend
-He is the person in the middle of this photo

If you know who this is, please, let me know.


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Need a Referral

I was in a car accident on Father's Day. A SUV made a left hand turn into my civic and as a result I was injured very badly. I did not have PIP however the driver of the SUV did and she has accepted all responsibility for the accident. I need to know if anyone knows of an acupuncturist that will see me and bill me, and also a massage therapist. I have taken many tests and found out that I have 3 herniated discs. I need natural health, drugs don't do it for me. So I need an acupuncturist that will bill me and a massage therapist that will also bill. I am willing to have a lein taken out, and I do have an attorney. Just checking.

Tired of the Pain


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Doe anyone have that checking at Key Bank where you can only have an account with direct deposit? I'm trying to remember the fee. It's something ridiculous like 20% of your check.


*Edit* It's 1.9% LOL My bad.
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fit to be thai'd

I was just helping my boss plan a company dinner this evening since his boss is in town, and he wanted to get some Thai food. Since he lives on Queen Anne, we wanted to find a place over there. I've always thought it was odd that there are so many Thai places in the queen anne area, but I never realized just how many there are. Citysearch lists 10 (ten!) Thai restaurants within one mile of queen anne (I'm guessing they consider the top of the hill the center of QA) and the place we are going tonight isn't even listed! So that's at least 11 Thai places within a one mile radius. I'd be willing to bet the only place with a higher concentration of Thai places is Thailand. Personally I think Racha Noodle and Tup Tim Thai are the best ones around there, but I haven't tried all 11 yet.
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once again, all ages shows, mixed shows and the music scene as a whole is being put in jeopardy!

the washington state liquor control board is considering a rule change that would require venues which serve alcohol that also offer all ages entertainment after 10:00 pm to wall off their bar.

in other words, a place like the showbox - which often hosts all ages shows, and allows people who are over 21 to drink in an upper level bar, a space with a clear view of the stage, but behind a solid four foot barrier - would have to seal off the bar (a proposition that would drive away the 21+ crowd AND make all ages shows unprofitable), or ban minors. "for many venues, this would leave them no choice but to no longer do mixed-use shows," local promoter david meinert said.

PLEASE! send an email to the washington state liquor contol board and tell them what you think about this. seattle is one of the WORST cities for us under 21 kids, PLEASE do not let it get worse!</h>


Japanese film in Seattle this weekend...

A friend sent this to me - I hope some of you can make it out!

Next weekend, from Nov 19-21, we'll be showing PEEP TV SHOW by Yutaka Tsuchiya at Consolidated Works. There is a $7 charge for tickets but we are a non-profit organization with the cheapest movie tickets in town (all info is online at Starring two non-actors he met while filming his previous feature, the documentary THE NEW GOD, PEEP TV SHOW is a very weird and very brilliant study of (illegal, internet-based) voyeurism and total alienation among the various bizarre youth subcultures of contemporary Tokyo (mostly it stays with a couple internet hermits and a gosloli). I interviewed Yutaka for RES Magazine (i'm not sure when that's hitting the stands, as that magazine's schedule continually baffles me). I've pasted part of the article below. You can also check out Yutaka's website at

Please help us get the word out about it. I tracked Yutaka down in Japan to get this film, and it is the first time it's played theatrically in the US (which means that it's only shown at festivals and universities). As we're a non-profit organization, we don't have much money for advertisement and are largely dependent on reviews and word-of-mouth for our shows. It plays Nov 19-21 at 8pm at Consolidated Works, located in South Lake Union between Republican and Mercer. It's only a block from the #70 busline (and, on weekends and in the evenings, the #71-73 as well), and only a block from I-5 (Mercer St/Seattle Center Exit, both North and Southbound).

Yutaka Tsuchiya's PEEP "TV" SHOW is a brilliant study of a society so saturated with recorded images and digital stimulation that the real thing now feels inadequate. For what seems to be an entire generation of loners and outsiders in contemporary Tokyo, a sense of "reality" can only come through the mediation of a computer monitor or tv screen. According to Tsuchiya, these characters "cannot feel the reality before their eyes. For them, it is only a reflection of what they see in the media." Shot on digital video with several sequences utilizing hidden cameras and various surveillance devices in public spaces, the film has created a stir for its frank depiction of voyeurism, and the link it draws between sexuality and violence - particularly the attacks on the World Trade Center. The androgynous, heavily-pierced Hasegawa and a "gothic Lolita" (a subculture that shares a wardrobe with Little Bo Peep) named Moi, who has grown so tired of her own identity that she fantasizes about changing bodies the way she changes clothing styles, come together over Hasegawa's voyeuristic website, which deals mainly in upskirt photography and peeping tom surveillance footage. Hasegawa claims WTC as the website's primary inspiration, creating in him a desire to "peak under the rubble." Tsuchiya's characters don't just look, they look back, fully conscious that they're being watched and recorded. They live an existence that is validated only by the cameras - real or imagined - that capture it. The real problem is not that these people cannot relate to one another, but that, in the absence of any such interpersonal context, their very identities slip away. "Our sense of reality has begun to deviate," Tsuchiya claims. And the WTC tragedy hangs over his film as the event that should have shaken them back into reality, but stills seems to be nothing more than strangely beautiful images on a tv screen. (Text by Adam Hart. Translation Kristi Govella.)
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O Unholy Night! - Zombie Movie Fundraiser

Hey folks, I'm producing this movie and would love for y'all to attend. x-posted to Seattlefilm. Thanks!

November 18, 2004

Press Contact: Chad Peterson 206.890.5175

O Unholy Night!

GadZook Films in association with Tangent Productions and sponsored by The Shunpike Arts Collective will host a Christmas Party/Fundraiser/Zombie Massacre to benefit SNOW DAY, BLOODY SNOW DAY: a new short film to be shot in Seattle.

SEATTLE On December 3rd, 2004 from 8PM to 1AM at the Old Redhook Brewery (3400 Phinney Ave. Seattle, WA 98103), GadZook Films, Tangent Productions and The Shunpike Arts Collective welcome all zombie hunters, zombie film enthusiasts, party enthusiasts and, for that matter, zombies to their SNOW DAY, BLOODY SNOW DAY fundraiser, with all proceeds from the evening going toward the costs of production of this exciting new comedy horror film.

FILM SYNOPSIS: In Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day an unexpected snowstorm strikes Seattle and the dead rise from their graves to prey on the city's helpless citizens. From the confines of their living room, a group of unlikely heroes emerge to stop the flesh-hungry hordes, only to discover that zombies aren't the only evil they are up against.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE FUNDRAISER Santa is dead. His elves are scattered across the city, fighting the evil that has sprung up in our midst. But that wont keep any of them away from the party! Take a picture on Zombie Santa's lap. Listen to fantastic live performances by New Luck Toy, Trwst Acoustic, and DJ Nightshift. Mingle with special guests The Rat City Rollergirls. Get zombified with our Master Makeup Artists and leave with a memento from our Zombie Caricaturist. Compete for prizes such as theatre tickets, hotel rooms and more at the carnival games. Bid on fantastic auction items, including screen time in the upcoming film. Drink beer, drink wine and eat living brains (BYOLB). Doors open at 8PM and close at 1AM. Dont be the last to leave as we do not guarantee your safety. The price of admission is $10 at the door.

O Unholy Night! is brought to you by most of the people who gave you The Cherry Watermelon Poop Explosion Experience. Unless you didnt care for that, in which case, O Unholy Night! is brought to you by several people who DIDNT bring you The Cherry Watermelon Poop Explosion Experience. To get more information, please call 206-412- 2513 or go online to

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