November 17th, 2004

Singing waiters?

Hey! My parents mentioned a restaurant that's somewhere in Seattle (or at least, used to be) called The Great American Cafe. Apparently all the waiters sing. Not just happy birthday and stuff, but real songs, entertainment, if you will. But I can't find anything about it on line and I don't even know if it's still around. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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i checked the memories section and didn't see anything. any recommendations for family practice nurse practitioners, particularly in the ballard/u-district/northgate area? thanks.
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No, not DINO!

And in other news, Dino is currently leading by 4 votes with 2221 votes left to count. We are the next Florida/Ohio! Hand recount time...

Now, Chris is ahead by 13 with 750 votes left. You can hit refresh a lot at here

Needed: New hair salon..

I live in the Everett/Mill Creek area of WA and am looking to get a new hairstyle. The last person I went to for just a trim somehow screwed up my layers and added bangs that SHE said would be long and swoopy, but ended up being short and annoying. Obviously, I don't want to go back to her. This time, I want a whole new style, so I'm a bit freaked out.. I'm paranoid when it comes to haircuts anyway because, 85% of the time, something bad happens (ie: I once asked for the "Rachel" shag when it was in style and came out with a 70s shag.. talk about being horrified!).

Anyway, does anyone here have a supremely excellent place/person they go to? If so, where is it and how much do they charge for a cut (or just provide a website if possible)?

Thanks in advance!! :)
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Hey. I was just wondering what you all knew about the vera project. Been to any of their concerts? Where they any good? Or have any of you volunteered there?
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You Know Who You Are...

You're the guy who bought the very last Jolly Roger Necktie in Seattle, from Archie McPhee, right before they discontinued them forever. And right before I went to buy one about a year ago. But you haven't ever worn it, have you?

I want that tie.

Almost as bad as I want the hearse I saw parked in Archie's parking lot the other day (cynickal), but that's beside the point.

Back to the tie: I'll buy it off you. If it's in new condition, I'll pay you full price for it. Go on; you'll never really wear it anyway, right?

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Anyone up for a bike ride tonight and maybe a beer? I am new to the city and hoping to meet other bike nerds.
I live in the central district and would like to stick close to this side of town ie not go up to the U.
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My friend is trying to locate the name of a restaurant.

She gave me this descrption: "It's a somewhat high-class Japanese restaurant where you sit on the floor. They offfer individual rooms or spaces for dining."

A little vague, but I'd like to help her any way I can. Does something like this ring a bell to anyone?