November 16th, 2004

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I feel like there was a post about this recently, but I can't find it, and it's not in the memories. Therefore.
Anyone know of any cheapcheap car rental places around here that will rent to someone under 25?


That's it! I am not going out there again until somebody takes down that irritating yellow ball.

Who's idea was it anyway? Was that somewhere on the ballot and I missed it? I certainly didn't vote for it!
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If my car were to be towed for being left parked on the street for more than 72 hours, roughly how much would that cost me? Is there just a towing cost or is there also a citation from the city I'd have to pay?

I'm going away for the week of Thanksgiving and want to decide if it's worth the risk to leave the car parked there long enough for it to get towed. It's pretty expensive to park at the airport.

Couldn't find anything in the memories.
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I have a friend who needs cheap dialup internet access that doesn't need to have any special software (aol) nor takes over your web browser and costs less than $12 per month. In the past I used Earthlink for dialup service and I manually inputted the needed numbers and was content with that. Does anybody in the area have any recommendations? Thanks much.

formal dresses

So, I possibly have a formal dance to attend soon and I'll be in need of a dress. I'll need to find a place in Seattle (preferably in the downtown area, but anywhere is cool) that sells fashionable fuller figure or plus size dresses for a somewhat reasonable price. Around a 14-16 dress size.

Also, any place you could recommend that sells nice dresses for my regular friends.

I know there has to be somewhere. Thanks.
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ATTN: Sociology Survey

I am conducting a few surveys for my Sociology research.

Looking for 10 each of the following:



You will have to take a survey of aprox. 5-10 questions. Most are yes/no, a few may require a paragraph or two.

Please leave your e-mail in this reply or e-mail me your e-mail address/contact info at

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safe neighborhood for traveler?

Hey everyone,

My friend is going to come visit Seattle for awhile but he's heard that the hotel area he reserved isn't a safe neighborhood from ppl. I'm not local either so I need your help.

Is Aurora and 195th a safe place??? He's going to be at the Days Inn to be more specific.

Thanks in advance :):):)
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