November 15th, 2004

Mixing those CD's

So, recently, with plans of buying an IPod I converted my music library from Windows Media Player and MP3 format to iTunes and MP4.

The problem I've ran into though, is I use MixMeister for making my CD's and it does not support the MP4 format, and I cannot find any similar software that does. I don't need anything like Traktor, etc...just something that can do a good job of putting together good CD's. Any suggestions?


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All Ages

Im going to feel so silly for asking this, but Im trying to help my daughter (who is 13) find concerts or dance clubs that she can go to in Seattle - with and without me.

When a show says 'all ages' - what does that mean exactly? Ive googled, Ive looked into the memories here, and I tried calling a few clubs - so far Ive not received a response.

Id like to know if they require her to bring her school ID, if 'all ages' means truly all ages (like babies could be there) or if its 'all ages from X age to 21', and any other rules that may apply (for example if she can go without me in attendance).

If anyone has any information about the rules of all ages clubs, and knows of dance clubs and/or concert halls that are all ages in the Seattle, and Bellevue area I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

night porter

(no subject)

I am looking for really nice cocoa, "designer cocoa" (haha I am a fag.) I want to get it for my boyfriend for our 6 month (the traditional hot cocoa anniversary of course.) Anyways he loves the shit, so I want to get him some really fancy stuff, not just the Safeway crap he's used to. Godiva makes an OK cocoa but I don't want something quite so common and generic. Are there any local small chocolatiers or fancy chocolate import places in Seattle?
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turkey deep fryer

anyone have a turkey deep fryer I could borrow this coming weekend?
yes, I am a trained professional....this is my 3rd year doing it and I already have one fryer but I'd like to do 2 turkeys at once. I have my own fuel.
I'll take very good care of it!!!
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