November 14th, 2004

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Long shot for a lost cat

My friend left her cat with a "friend" of hers when she was moving. This was about a month or so ago.

When she went to go pick him up, the sitter told her he took her cat to the pound.

He didn't give her a specific date.

I know it doesn't help to do this without further info (I'll hopefully update with more pictures and stats), but I wanted to know if anyone found a greyish cat. She goes by the name "October".

I am not sure if he just let her loose or really took her to the pound. My friend is very shaken (she called me pretty early in the morning) and any lost cats that have been found or adopted from the humane society that fit this description would be great hope for us.

Thanks. Update later.


I told my friend to check out the Humane Society. She found her cat, thank goodness.

Thanks again, guys. I appreciate the concern. Thank you for the one girl who called me, your help was great. October (that's the cat's name) should be home soon.

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Someone suggested that I post this in the seattle community after I crossposted to kittypix and baaaaabyanimals.

The Seattle Animal Shelter had one of their kitten and cat adopt-a-thons today. 4 of 5 five kittens I have been fostering were adopted. Only Xander was not. When I came home tonight, after dropping him off and running to dinner, I heard him mewing piteously. He really wanted attention and purred like there was no tomorrow when I came in and sat down with him. He was so very happy to see me. I know that he really wants to find a good home.

Xander is 14.5 weeks , is a small male, is a short haired gray and white kitten with oriental features to him. He would do well with other kittens, with an older cat or by himself with a person who would give him attention most days. He's very sweet natured, likes to sit with you and loves to lick fingers.

Please, won't you consider him or mention him to your friends and co-workers?
me at night
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Must be all the cats recently...

That said, I reminded myself lastnight how much I love walking around the city late at night. Got out of the Cinerama around midnight and wandered around in the crisp night through the empty streets - well, empty except for the most interesting monsters and their interesting hairdos, some wannabe gangbangers, some underdressed clubsters, some yuppies not straying too far from the department store windows and streetlights... and other children of the night.  Very cool.  I need more nights like that.
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Monday Metal Madness at the Central: Nov. 29th

For anyone who would be interested in hearing some good metal and hard rock, I'd like to invite you to come to Monday Metal Madness on November 29th at the Central Saloon in Seattle (Pioneer Square). Bands will include, Eulogy, Burnt Shadows, and Kvasir (pronounced vah-sur).

All the dirty details:
Central Saloon, 207 First Avenue South, Pioneer Square, Seattle
November 29th, 2004
21+, 5$ cover at the door; doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm

The bands:
Eulogy (who I do not have a webpage for, I am sorry!)
Burnt Shadows:
Kvasir: ( has better demo tracks and some good information)
-Kvasir is a local Viking metal/rock band, whose music includes influences both from life and from Viking mythology. They combine gritty riffs and metal sound with melodic vocals to create a sound that is truly unique. It's the vocalist's birthday, we'd love to see any of you come out and party with us!

Feel free to come by and introduce yourself, my name is Kelli, and I'll probably be there around 8pm to help Kvasir unload. Hope to see some of you at the show!
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did you go to this party?

yeah so i'm procrastinating on my photography project because i'm the Master Procrastinator!! anyway help me avoid homework by commenting.

did any of you seattle people go to a keg party last night in west seattle, that consisted of alot of coast gaurd people, the cops coming and people,s cell phones and walets being stolen?

i was the chick with the afro.
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Kirkland is *kinda* in Seattle, right? i live in downtown, so i just thought i'd share this...

YOU ARE INVITED to an evening of presentations and discussions about politics, women's issues, and future strategies . . .

Oh, and C-SPAN is taping the event for national viewers!

WHEN: Soon! Tuesday, November 16 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: Parkplace Books in Kirkland, WA
348 Parkplace Center, Kirkland, WA 98033

WHAT: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, the author of "The F-word: Feminism in Jeopardy: Women, Politics, and the Future," will read excerpts from her book and join a discussion with both Democrat and Republican elected women, followed by Q&A from those in attendance (YOU!).

RSVP: email Dani Franco at

Although the 2004 presidential election is over, the need for women to be engaged in politics is not. Come to this non-partisan event to talk about the current state of women's power and politics in America, what's going on with today's young women, and where we are headed in the future. Let's talk!

Hope to see you there. The more, the merrier.

apparently Route 540 will get you from the U District to Kirkland, or at least close enough. thanks to norval54 for the info!

i'm sure there are some people out there that will appreciate knowing this is going to happen.
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that you, supersat. now i can rest a little easier.

King County Absentee Voter Ballot Status
Your vote was received! Thanks for voting!

1. Where did you get this information?
The King County web site.

2. This is an invasion of privacy!
It really isn't. There's no way to know how a particular voter voted. Furthermore, only you and King County know your registration number, so there's no way to find out if someone you know voted unless they give you their registration number.

3. I sent in my ballot by election day, but it's not showing as being received! Should I be concerned?
No. Ballots only need to be postmarked by election day. If it still hasn't shown up as received in a few days, you might want to contact King County Elections.

4. If this information is publicly available, why did you create this site?
Because the raw data is rather large (over 3 MB). Most people are only interested if their ballot was received. This site simply makes it easier for them to check, and saves bandwidth for both the voting public and King County.

because of this post in the community, i was able to know that my vote counted (and was counted!).
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Holiday Anime Arts and Crafts Bazaar

Thought I'd pass along a link to the Holiday Anime Arts and Crafts Bazaar going on in Tacoma next month. Sign-ups close tomorrow, which kinda sucks as far as "short notice" goes, but I know some people here in the community are crafters, so it's worth a shot anyways.
I'll be down there with fleece kitty hats and kitty paws, sharing a table with madolin, who should have prints and other stuff.