November 13th, 2004

  • neevita

Do you enjoy..

Good food, live music, dancing (watching, learning, AND doing!), classic entertainment, being able to breathe in a non-smoking environment, as well as see and hear your company?

Musica Vitae (Saturday evenings at the beautiful Century ballroom) is quite an amusing and affordable alternative to a stuffy, loud, dark, thumpy club or a bar. And you won't smell like the bottom of a crusty ashtray when get home, or have to try to get that stench your of your hair! ;) What incentive! :P

There are 5 more chances to see this show before it goes on a (hopefully) brief vacation. Now is the time to check us out and help support us so we can continue to bring the magic of Musica Vitae to Seattle come January. Come eat, drink, laugh, dance, and be swept away with us! You won't regret it!

My act (Acrobalance) will not be featured in the 11/20 show, but I'll be around every other weekend. Look for the chick dressed like my icon :) Take care and hope to see some of you there.
not enough

American Apparel

Hey, did anybody notice that Seattle is finally getting a retail American Apparel store? It's slated to open on 45th and The Ave in the U. District (not in the U. Village, hooray!) The website says "Coming soon" - anybody know when this is happening? (Did it happen already and I'm completely out of the loop?)

Cheers for non-sweatshop labor and American jobs.
Heavy Flow

Zine Expo Tonight

Art Books Press Exhibition

Zines : A Bite Size Sampling From Around the U.S.
Opening Reception : Saturday November 13, 2004, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs through December 31, 2004

Beginning with science fiction fanzines from the 1930's, this show provides a look into the world of zines and the people who make them. Highlighted in the show are rare works by Hugo Gernback (Amazing Stories), Henry Rollins from Black Flag, and the Seattle based artists' publication from the mid 1980's, "Pounding Waves" which includes contributions from Faye Jones, Alfred Harris, and Gene Gentry McMahon among others.

Also included in the show are a wide range of contemporary art zines, political publications, punk fanzines, comix, literary magazines, DIY zines and more. Some of the work includes zines by Lev (Tales of Mere Existence), artnoose (Ker-Bloom!), Shawn Bishop (Travelin' Man), Jeffrey Brown (Be a Man), and Rachel Mason (eaten-alive). Books on how to make your own zine, the psychology of zines, zine reviews and resources and a variety of zines from all over the U.S. are included in the exhibition and are for sale.

Art Books Press
4703 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Wa. 98107

(no subject)

Just saw this posted on, thought I'd help spread the word:

The venue has been changed for the Seattle SHADOWS FALL/THE HAUNTED gig on Sunday, November 14. The new venue will be Studio 7 on Horton Street. The concert, featuring SHADOWS FALL and THE HAUNTED, is scheduled to begin at 10:00 p.m. Please note that DAMAGEPLAN will **NOT** be playing this show.

(It was originally supposed to be at The Showbox)
  • raevnos

On the off chance...

... that there's any of you out there sitting around online looking for something to do tonight, I'm going to the 9:15 showing of The Incredibles at Ballard's Majestic Bay theater. Anyone who wishes to join me is hereby invited.

I'll be the guy standing around outside for a while before looking for anyone looking like they're looking for someone.

I have a room for rent...

I am looking to find someone who wants to rent out a room and become my
roommate... you will have your own bathroom with a shower/tub and bedroom
with closet.. it has a cable jack.. and a phone is a brand new
house... Renton Highlands area... please email me for more info... room is
available December 1st....please pass info on to anyone that would be