November 12th, 2004


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ok, so the 'dream graffiti shoot' that i mentioned several days ago
is perched to happen. i would like to stay in keeping with the dream and
find a young blonde-haired boy (long or shaggy haired), between the ages
of 8 - 12 yrs old, to be the one jumping on the trampouline,
interacting with the graffiti. i would provide the family
with a cd of photos from the shoot. he MUST be outgoing and
able to express utter delight while jumping about.

do you know such a child?

thanks in advance!

This is tonight!

"SWANK! A show of all things Swanky!"
Think swingin’ lounge culture, retro Vegas, cocktail culture, the Rat Pack, bachelor pads, dames, tiki bars, the Hollywood golden age, jet setters, Tom Jones, femme fatales, hi-fi, Robert Mitchum, hedonism, etc.
A Group Art Show featuring some of Seattle's Best Art Talent, including:
Krysztof Nemeth aka charmed_art, Derek Nobbs aka woodenleg, and Jessica McCourt anaisred
Friday, November 12th, 6-9PM
at Kuhlman's Clothing
2419 1st Ave, Seattle (Belltown)

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So i posted earlier that i wanted to take pictures for my project of odd jobs. Well, turns out there is a photography book called odd jobs, so i do not want to be that similar. I am now doing my project on the different ways of pain people choose to subject themselves to. I was wondering if any of you are getting a tattoo or a piercing this weekend and if so, if you wouldn't mind letting me photograph the process. I can make an extra print for you! Please e-mail me if that works for any of you. Thanks!

Companion Flag

The watermark building downtown has a conpanion flag.  The Smith Tower does not have a flag, however the elevator attendants are all wearing amerian flag pins.  What's great is the pins all have companion flags as well.  ... So this is building two sofar that I know... Anyone else spotted them arround town?

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let's discuss.

i was fine with it until i realized that the clif bars live where there used to be a cheap raver clothing store...

bulldog news is now cereal, i think...

gravity bar is now a starbucks, and la bataille is now the service deli (approximately)

and then i went into shock.

oh broadway market, your loss is truly the end of an era. how many afternoons i hung out there as a baby gay.

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Wheelin' and Dealin'
A Rat City Rollergirl Art Auction, by and for the skaters!
(This is going to be a BLAST!!!!)

Sunset Tavern
Sat. Nov. 13th
Opening Night Reception and Silent Auction- 6-9 (Treats and Eats, too!)
Post Auction Party-9-2, $7

Post Acution Party Line-up:

The Unfits and the Die Die Die My Darling Dancers
Twink the Wonder Kid (Dick Rossetti of the End)
Chuck Yeager
DJ Taco Supreme!

Press Release:

The UnFits, Chuck Yaeger and Twink The Wonder Kid Bands Added to Evening’s Line-Up

November 1, 2004 (SEATTLE, WA): By popular demand after an impromptu set that brought down the house at a Halloween party this past weekend, The UnFits have been added to Wheelin’ & Dealin’, the Rat City Rollergirls portion of the Ballard Art Walk event taking place at the Sunset Tavern on November 13.

The UnFits is an all-scar tribute to the Misfits, and is comprised of Rat City Rollergirls Faustine Hudson as Barely Unfit on drums, Joetta Vasquez as Angelf**k and Jenny Bendel as Jen Danzig on vocals, as well as their very special musical backbone the 138s, Jody Waymier and Jamie Jaspers. In addition, The UnFits will be joined by The Die Die Die My Darling Dancers (comprised of Rat City Rollergirls), as well as special guest singers. Rounding out the music portion of the evening will be local faves Chuck Yaeger, Twink the Wonder Kid and DJ Taco Supreme.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ will feature photography, paintings, jewelry, sculptures and more, created by various members of the Rat City Rollergirls, including Alyssa Hoppe a.k.a. Lorna Boom, Bridgette Tucker a.k.a. Ruby Attitudie, Britta Lyle a.ka. Drew Blood, Faustine Hudson a.k.a. Barely Legal, Joanna Crinnion a.k.a. Jowanna Ass Kickin', Celia Rehburg a.k.a. Jaqueline Hyde, Crissy Mairena a.k.a. Punky Bruiser, Flower Grosskopf a.k.a. Flojo Louis, Julie Baroh a.k.a. Jinx, Beth Wing a.k.a. Electric Fanny, Krista LaFontaine a.k.a Betty Ford Galaxy, Mary McIntyre a.k.a. Burnett Down, Lilly Warner a.k.a. Hurricane Lilly, Lorien Gruchalla a.k.a. Pam Opticon, Rachel Thornton a.k.a. Hideous Braxley, Mistress V and ZOMBIEGIRL, as well as RCRG photographer Sandy Wilson.

Saturday, November 13 (during the Ballard Art Walk)
Sunset Tavern - 5433 Ballard Ave NW - Ballard, WA
Opening night reception and silent auction from 6-9pm, bands at 9PM
lil ozo

See Smorgaspork for free!

"Smorgaspork: The Best of Ham for the Holidays" runs from December 2 - 26 at Langston Hughes, and we’d love your help in the house.  Volunteer to usher and watch the show for free!  Performances are Wednesday & Thursday 7:30 PM, Friday and Saturday 8 PM, and Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 2 PM.  You would need to report 1 hour before the show and stay for about 15 minutes after the house clears. 
In case you're not familiar with Ham, Lisa and Peggy are an outrageous sketch comedy duo - combining music, razor sharp wit, feminist politics, and general lunacy.  These local treasures are a perennial favorite, you don't want to miss out!
Please send me your shift requests as soon as possible.  We'll need at least 6 ushers for each show, please volunteer for as few or as many as you like!  Show details are below.
Thanks so much!
jezzie33 at comcast dot net
Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt (aka Dos Fallopia) celebrate 15 years of sketch comedy togetherness with another steamin’ helping of holiday ham.  Koch and Platt are joined by Seattle favorites Andrew Tasakos and DJ Gommels.  Directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton, “Smorgaspork” celebrates your favorite “Ham” moments: The dysfunctional Spudds, Schmeck Attack, Craft Lady and Sister Mary Agnes, the Superhero reunion, the beloved Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus, and so much more!
Notice: No hams are ever harmed during the production of this show.
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Random question...

Has anyone ever bought anything from

Yeah, I know this is a completely random... but, there is a desk that I really want, and it is on this site for 50$ less than the next cheapest price I've found.

I just want to know if this is a site that I can trust?
Otherwise, I will just hand over the extra 50$ to the place I know I can trust.