November 11th, 2004

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Jones Soda Holiday Pack -

Anyone who's tried to get onto Jones Soda's website this morning is probably having the same kind of fun I am. Looks like both and are being slammed, as people tried to get their meaty delicious sodas this morning.

I missed out on it last year so I was trying to get some as well - has anyone seen these in stores around the Seattle area? Particularly in Federal Way, although I will be heading north to BC later today so I could go anywhere between here and there.

I checked Target and Albertson's but didn't find any.
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More on the Jones Soda Holiday Packs

Sorry to clutter your friends lists with this, but for those attempting to locate some of the Jones Soda, all Target stores I've been in contact with thus far have said they don't have their shipment in yet, but are in contact with the vendors and hope to have it soon. You can try calling later today to check, but I'm not sure [and neither were they] when they'll have some. If you're attempting to get it through the Jones Soda online store, you're probably experiencing technical difficulties like most of us. I actually got through, but discovered this message...

These 5-pack treats are limited edition: each package has a sticker with a sequential number, which adds to the exclusivity of the package ** LIMIT 2 HOLIDAY PACKS PER CUSTOMER **

Quantity: 907 item(s) available
Price: $ 23.95

I'm sure that number has significantly dropped in the 5-10 minutes it took me to post this. Also, yesterday's price was listed at $15, but it appears they've since raised it, and apparently they're only allowing 2 packs per customer. Not sure what the deal is with the price increase [or maybe that includes s/h?], but I'm hoping to eventually locate some in stores to save on the cost of shipping.

Anyway, thought I'd update those who were curious and trying to get their hands on some. If you do find it, please post the location here to let others know where they can go. Thanks!

UPDATE: Apparently the web site is now listing the packs as being SOLD OUT. *Whoosh!* They went on sale at 8am and, less than 2 hours later, they're gone. I don't know if they plan to have more, but hopefully some of you will be able to get your hands on some when the stores finally get it in. If not, you can always take out a loan, refinance your home, promise your first born and go the eBay route. Heh. Or there's apparently a waiting list if you're quite serious about obtaining a pack. [Thanks, lizard]

Well, though it pales in comparison to the likes of liquid meat and potatoes, there's always Pepsi's new Holiday Spice!
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Ok, I hate Comcast. I also hate Qwest and I haven't had a land line for five years. Do I have any other options for high-speed internets in Seattle other than Comcast (something that does not involve a land line)?