November 10th, 2004

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okay. doing a favour for a friend.

said friend needs a preferably female 'date' (he expects nothing, and is not looking for a relatioship right now) for the upcoming korn concert (sunday).

the ticket taker WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY TO GET IN (since the ticket's already bought, but the person who was supposed to go has family stuffs to do that night and had to back out). i might be bribed though with sugary foodstuff to ensure you get that ticket.

if *anyone* is interested, please feel free to email me at or comment here (though email is a little more reliable as i check it 5bazillion times a day).

the only requirement is that you enjoy the show!

x-posted all over the place (apologies!)

info: sunday, november 14, at the tacoma dome, 7pm. current ticketholder is located in auburn.
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For those of you who missed the local beverage company's "Turkey & Gravy" Soda last year, you're in for quite the treat.

From the web site:
Holidays can be busy and down right stressful. How can you squeeze in eating when you have much more important tasks like shopping, decorating, and partying? Well the makers of last year's popular Turkey & Gravy Soda have come up with a solution: the complete holiday meal replacement set equipped with a square meal, a straw, and a toothpick. Worried about packing on the holiday weight? Relax knowing that each flavor has no carbs, no calories, and no caffeine!

This year, Jones Soda has concocted a whole new batch of holiday flavors to tempt your tastebuds...

+ Turkey & Gravy Soda
+ Cranberry Soda
+ Mashed Potato & Butter
+ Green Bean Casserole
+ Fruitcake Soda

You can purchase your own case via the Jones Soda store, select stores in the Jones Distributor Network and select Target stores starting tomorrow at 8am PST. Each package has a sticker with a sequential number, which adds to the exclusivity of the package, and will retail for $15.95 per case (+ s & h). Also, for the second year, Jones Soda has partnered with Toys for Tots and will be donating a portion of the sales to the organization with a goal of raising $50,000.

This stuff goes fast, so if you're thinking of buying some, I wouldn't wait. I remember trying to locate some of the Turkey & Gravy last year, and looking everywhere, but to no avail. Even if you're not the adventurous type and wouldn't come within 50 feet of the stuff, the novelty factor may be enough to suck you in to buying some.

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Roommate needed...still....

Getting someone in here ASAP would really be lovely.

Specs of the Room:
The Bedroom is average size, one window and closet. No phone jack, but there is cable. It's in the basement, access to washer and dryer and bathroom with standup shower that is shared.

The house:

Kitchen is upstairs with BRAND NEW appliances, we try to keep this area specifically very clean, as it is the main common area.

Heating the house is done by a series of waterpipes under our handcrafted hardwood floors. This house is NEVER too hot or too cold. I adore it.

The house is located in West Seattle, right off the bridge. A 15 minute bus ride to downtown, with busses that go by about every 10 minutes. There is a Safeway across the street, and plenty of parking at night.

We have a full back yard, deck with an amazing city/cascades view.

We currently have had our internet shut off because we're having trouble making rent at the moment, which is our priority. We would LOVE to turn it back on (I'm taking online classes), but we need the third person living her to do so. We're opting for cable over DSL, because there is only ONE phone outlet in the entire house, but cable in every room.

The Roommates:
We are a fulltime student/target employee and a construction worker. I go to SCCC so another student to carpool with would be nice. We have two indoor kitties, so please do not reply if you are allergic. We definatley need someone that would make sure to not let the kitties out.

We are VERY geek friendly, spend a good deal of time gaming, etc. We'd love someone to live here that was similar, male or female.

There is no Drug use or Smoking allowed inside the house. What you do outside the house is your business. Neither one of us drink atm, but you are more than welcome to do whatever you want in that respect.

We don't care what hours you work, just as long as you can pay the rent. We don't care if you invite people over if they're kept in your space and you are responsible for them. (heh, can you tell we've had problems before?)


1/3 of rent (1100 a month which is a steal for this location and the amenities the house has.) (360$ for whichever room you take)
1/3 of utilities
Utility breakdown: 100$ a month for power (33$ your cost)
60$ a month for water/sewer/garbage (20$ your cost)
Internet would also be split as well if you use it.

We would need a 100$ security/damage deposit (which can be made in installments) and a rental contract.

If you are interested, please respond to
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GPS units?

Does anyone have a GPS unit I could borrow? I am a graduate student at UW and am working on a large wardriving project involving my Com 300 students and Seattle Wireless. We have 2 GPS units already, but would really like to have another (we have 100 students). We'd need the unit until 12/9. This is completely academic in nature and I can get you official department documentation if you'd like. I would VERY much appreciate it and you'd be doing the wifi mapping cause a huge favor.


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hey eveyone, im from australia and im doing an assigment on Seattle, what the city is like pretty much. i need to know the stuff that isnt all over the Seattle times websites or the obvious stuff.. i was wondering if some of you could give me your personal opinion of Seattle? It is really so perfect because i serioulsy cant seem to dig up any dirt on your city!! if u could tell me things such as, what the young people generally get up to, whether there is alot of crime, what seattle people are like in general? just stuff like that. it would help me out alot!
thankyou in advance
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Does anybody know what the deal was down in the Tukwila area this afternoon?

I was zipping down E Marginal by Boeing Field. There were about a dozen cop cars with their sirens flashing, stopped near E Marginal / Tukwila-Intl / Boeing Access Rd. intersection, behind a stopped car with its rear tires blown out. It looked like the site of a concluded car chase or something.

+ all the power was out just south of that location. Know if it's somehow connected?

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Hey everyone, i have a favor to ask. I'm a photography student at UW and am doing a project involving random jobs people have. I was wondering if any of you have very bizarre jobs that i could take a photo of. If you do, could you please let me know? I have to have them shot by Sunday. Grave diggers, clowns, anything random. Thanks!