November 9th, 2004

REM ticket for sale

EDITED: Holy cats, the ticket is already gone. I received an email from someone before the post responses hit my inbox. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be able to find anyone.


Are you an REM fan? Do you know someone who is? Are you, or that someone, willing to shell out some bucks for a ticket in a good spot?

I've got an extra ticket for the REM show at McCaw Hall, Saturday 11/20.

Section: Orch 3
Row: W
Seat: 6

It was $75. I'm asking for the full price, or the best offer.

Drop me a comment or an email at aliciak1013 at yahoo dot com


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REMINDER THIS FRIDAY!!! Make reservations now!

This Friday November 12, 2004 ArtRod will present video/performance artists Wynne Greenwood at the Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA). At 8pm Greenwood will perform as Tracy and the Plastics at the SOTA Theater for the General Public. Opening will be The King Cobra (ex-Kicking Giant and the Need) the uber-cool-post-riot-grrrl-post-punk-post-metal band/performers from Olympia. This is an exculsive all-ages event and reservations are only $10!

Reservations and information are available by visiting

Tracy and the plastics is a low-fi art punk band consisting of members Tracy, Nikki, and Cola. All three are alter egos of lesbian/feminist video artist Wynne Greenwood: when the band performs live, Greenwood assumes the role of bandleader Tracy, while Nikki and Cola are present only as video projections. The audience is treated not only to music, which Tracy produces on drum machines and an array of keyboards, but the interaction between Tracy and her videotaped counterparts. Tracy and the Plastics has toured all around the world. Greenwood was recently shown at the 2004 Whitney Biennial and Harvard University. She has also performed at the Andy Warhol Museum and Seattle’s own Consolidate Works along with The King Cobra.

“Unlike more traditional video artists, Greenwood is never relegated to being a passive viewer, but rather she becomes a physical participant in her own creation: from her direct conversing with the Plastics, to her silhouette casting a shadow on the screen. The effect is a string of interactions entirely unique to the medium.
–Andrew Brooks, The Harvard Gazette, December 11, 2003

Reservations are limited, so please make one now at! Any proceeds go directly to bringing works like these to the public.

ArtRod is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing high quality contemporary artwork to the public.

We produce the film series "Don't Bite the Pavement", the quarterly magazine "Toby Room" and the "Tollbooth"-the World's Smallest Gallery dedicated to Wheat-paste and Video fine arts.

ArtRod PO Box 767 Tacoma, WA 98401

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does anyone have 1st or even 2nd hand experience with sagen group property management? i may be interested in renting through them, and wondered if anyone might love or hate them?

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I was on the phone, talking to a woman about the Capitol Hill apartment she's in charge of renting out.

Her: Rent is $1075 a month, it'll be available after Thanksgiving... ... [long pause] Are any of you ballerinas?
Me: [quite startled] Um, no, not at all.
Her: Oh, good! Because there are several ballerinas living here right now, and they've been having a lot of loud parties lately, disturbing the neighbors. The apartment manager has told me I can't rent to any more ballerinas.
Me: Ahh, I see. Well, I can assure you we are definitely not ballerinas.

Then she went into a very long-winded rant about the ballerinas, and how one would think that if one was going to throw loud parties, one should at least be polite enough to let the neighbors know beforehand. It's only common sense, after all.

Me: There's three of us, like I said, and we're really not the partying types. We may have friends over sometimes, though.
Her: [still thinking about the ballerinas] Oh well you know, they're beautiful young ladies, and you three are beautiful young ladies too I'm sure, you'll fit right in.

She didn't sound like a space cadet, just a fairly ordinary woman mystified by the plague of ballerinas visited upon her. I decided not to bother mentioning that one of us ladies is in fact a guy. The rent is more than we feel like paying anyway. But still. This phone conversation totally made my night. I <3 Seattle.

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