November 7th, 2004

Seattle Animal Shelter - Need a dog house or want to donate one?

Habitat 4 Hounds Annual Dog House Drive
11/13/2004 - 12/30/2005

While we don't advocate animals being left outside we do understand that some pet owners do not bring them in. Please donate a new or slightly used dogloo or pick one up from us. Thank you.
Location: 2061 15th ave. w. Seattle
Cost: free to whoever is in need of a dogloo
Contact: Seattle Animal Shelter 206-386-PETS
Sponsored by: Seattle Animal Shelter

Seattle Dogs for Addoption

Dog obedience lessons

Can any of you recommend a good place for puppy obedience lessons in the West Seattle/South Seattle area? Our pooch has been through puppy basic, but is still sorely in need of more socialization--she's terrified of other dogs when she meets them in uncontrolled areas like a dog park.

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Spent the day wandering around downtown, here's a few pics I took along the way, if anyone's interested. Nothing grand, I'm in no way a regular photographer, just having fun with my new camera.

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New Year's Eve

My friend and i just moved here from ohio....what can we do on New Year's Eve that is cool? My goal is to get drunk and get kissed!! I need ideas of hip places to go where I can find cute guys in their mid 20's. :)

Orange cab rocks!


I'm the one that posted looking for a good cab company. Orange drivers are really nice folks, the ones I've taken. Yellow sucks. And yes, someone just told me they are owned by the same folks.

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Do you guys know of any websites with crime statistics for Seattle, displayed in a map form? (as opposed to a spreadsheet of numbers, which is all I could come up with via google.)