November 4th, 2004


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Are there any social groups or whatnot for young women to meet other women? Book clubs and knitting clubs are NOT my thing.
All my friends are guys and sometimes I really just want some girl chat or chick flicks.

Seattle Mono users' group

I'm looking for a few folks interested in learning Mono with me. For the first meeting, I'd like the attendees to have their own laptop, since I don't have my office set up in my new abode yet. I don't think it will scale well if there are more than four or five people in attendance until we have some experience with the tools.

I expect the meetings to get pretty technical, so if you're not okay with that, perhaps this is not the right meeting for you. If you don't know what Mono is, please feel free to ignore this post.

The first project I'd like to tackle is learning the MonoDevelop codebase.

Respond to the post if you're interested.
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Boiler Room - This Friday

Posting this on behalf of attraction83 ( since he did not use a lj-cut. If you have any questions about this event, please contact attraction83 at Thanks.

    Just wanted to let the Seattle Community know about an awesome event/dance THIS FRIDAY at the University of Washington:
    BOILER ROOM, this Friday, 8-11 PM, HUB 106B, invite your friends, all are welcome, it's all ages! and free half-off passes to neighbours [for those 18-21]!
    Show your support!
    And Colby B of Comeback at Chop Suey is DJing it!

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Dark Moon

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Yes, I searched the memories, to no avail...

Can anyone suggest an attorney who specializes in wills and estate planning, preferably in downtown Seattle or West Seattle? Also, what you paid for your will(s) would be lovely information to have, if you don't mind disclosing.