November 3rd, 2004


Deleted Post?

I posted a very serious request to this community last night, and it has aparently been deleted. So lets see if it stays up this time, or if I can at least get an explaination as to why it has been deleted.

Yes, I voted Kerry. And I know that the entire nation is pretty much split down the middle in support. Thing is I know *no one* who was a serious supporter of Bush. So in the interest of getting over the "Bitching & Moaning" portion of having had my guy lose, I am desperately looking for Bush supporters who can in all seriousness tell me the BRIGHT SIDE of having 4 more years of Bush. Please don't use this as an opportunity to bash Kerry; don't tell me all the reasons you DIDN'T want Kerry. Please tell me why you *DO* want Bush.

Seriouisly, I just want to know the advantages of a Bush Presidency. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Thanks!

(EDIT: I am specifically looking for SEATTLE BASED RESPONSES to this question. I know why Ohio voted the way it did. I know why the vast majority of the country voted the way they did. I want to know why anyone in SEATTLE would have voted for Bush. I want to know what a Bush presidency is going to mean to us in the SEATTLE area. When i want the opinions of people who live several states away, I will go to a Political community.)

Alright, let's try it THIS way...

Does anybody know of any Seattle and/or Pacific North West themed communities or blogs or anything that are in support of George Bush? I'm looking for some "Good News" about having Bush in office for four more years, the effects/plans he has that effect us in the Pacific North West and the Seattle area specifically.

Trying to be an optimist and only getting opposition :(

Tried Google and found nothing. 33.98% of King County voted for Bush... do none of them have LJ accounts???
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Off to another subject!

Ok, so I am also tired of hearing about politics, namely this election. So here's something Seattle related:


The trees are pretty, the air is crisp, the smells of woodfires and yah! Fall is awesome here in Seattle and Washington!

And downtown rocks when the white holiday lights are lit! I can't wait for the holiday season to begin!

/thought you all would like to hear something positive for a change.
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So you remember that post here a few weeks back talking about since you didn't like either of the gubernatorial candidates, you might as well try to get news media mention by gathering 1000 write-in votes for a throw-away candiddate?

Rossi clings to 1,000-vote lead in governor's race

I sincerely hope that the aforementioned post was indeed meant in the spirit of humor and jest about our botched political process, and that you all in fact chose to take the election seriously.
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Moving Trucks


I'm gonna be moving from the Northgate area to Mountlake Terrace, and I was looking into truck rentals and the like. I don't need a full moving company, just need to rent a truck for a day as my roomate and I move from two different apartments into the same condo.

Anyway, I was wondering if people had suggestions, or warnings about truck rentals in the area?
I looked in the memories and found stuff on full moving companies but nothing on truck rentals.

Thanks for your suggestions/input/words of wisdom, whatever.
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(no subject)

Sorry if this might have been asked already.
Did people get their mail extremely late last night due to massive postal mania?
Ours usually comes at noon. There was no sign of it at 7 when I got home, but it was stuffed wet and crumpled in our mailbox at 6AM this morning. I'm trying to determine if our neigbor is yanking our mail.
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(no subject)

i inherited a vacuum from a friend, in pretty good shape other than the hoses. Does anyone know where i can get it repaired for cheap, replace the hoses myself for cheap, or ghetto fix it with something other than tape?
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restaurant search

Hey guys-
I've got a question concerning a certain restaurant in Pioneer Square. I cannot, for the life of me, think of the name of the restaurant in Pioneer Square where your food comes to you on a train--does anyone have any idea as to what I am talking about? I would appreciate some help if you guys can! thanks so much!