November 2nd, 2004

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15 Minutes for Democracy

This morning at 7:00 PST the roommate and I went to do what so many people have died for, we voted. We excercised our right to vote just as the polls opened. There is something to be said on the power of one's right to vote. Your say has just has much power as the person in the booth next to you. From the local to the National level every vote counts. I want to urge anyone who is reading this to please vote today. If you already have, then you too know the power that can be held within that ballot. If you haven't voted, know that This your vote really will matter. The Presidential/Vice Presidential election is very close. Please vote, speak your voice with you ballot!
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Moderator note:

As I just informed another member, while the sentiment is certainly appreciated, please refrain from making any more of the "Please vote!!" posts. We all realize what today is and hopefully everyone is exercising their right [duty, whatever term you prefer] to get out there and have their voices heard. But in order to keep the number of these posts from overtaking people's friends lists, any further posts made with basic "Hey. You. VOTE!"-type pleas will be deleted.

In other news, I've added a number of informative posts to the memories section under the "political" keyword, so feel free to peruse those.

As always, see a post that isn't listed in the memories, but should be? Let me know.

Thanks, kids.

dry cleaning

I went to the memories and found this post: for dry cleaning.. and it was not as helpful as I would have liked it to have been (only one person could vouch for it or was willing to vouch for it).
The comment the person wrote described a dry cleaning outfit on Capitol Hill near Rite-Aid (I think? maybe it is Bartells) with the rummage sale outside of it all the time..
Do more people recommend this place? Do you recommend any other places in the Capitol Hill area or in the West Seattle Junction area? Thanks!

(I am looking for recommendations and advisories. Please do not tell me to google for drycleaners in Seattle.)
san diego

Having nothing whatsoever to do with the election.

Sometime last night, my car was broken into. Almost everything in it was stolen. This included all my tools (about $600-$800 worth), a flatbed scanner, my old cellphone, and my brand-new camera phone. Yes, I called the police. No, I have no confidence that the matter will be investigated or that anything will be returned. No, I am not insured.

So, if anyone at the top of Magnolia noticed anyone loading a whole bunch of stuff out of a white SUV and into some other kind of car... please let me know. I need my things, and can't afford to replace them. =(