October 31st, 2004


I was curious if anyone knew of a laundry service in town that will pick up your laundry, do it for you and then bring it back...even a drop off service where they do it for you (not so much a dry cleaner, just for everyday things) would be okay but I'd prefer a pick up.

need blank yellow t-shirts

Another Halloween emergency here: I need a couple of plain yellow men's XL t-shirts. I've checked the custom t-shirt places mentioned in the memories and none of them have what I need. Any suggestions?

(and thanks for the fez answers. I have my fezzes!)
Free Child


Did you think you missed " Family Stories ?"
It's not too late !
We just extended to two more dates.
This coming friday and saturday at 8pm ( NOV 5TH-6TH)

"...A torrent of emotional and physical energy that kept me at the
edge of my seat for all 90 minutes."
TPS message board

"...very passionate and moving theatre."
TPS message board

"A cruelly funny fugue... :picture the Little Rascals playing house in
a bomb crater, replacing their slingshots with AK-47s, and insert
plenty of curse words and existentialism."
Seattle Times

Call and reserve ( we sold out this past weekend!)

"Family Stories" by Biljana Srbljanovic. Produced by Live Girls!
Theater :620 Alaskan Way, Seattle. $12 suggested donation.
206-568-1985, Ext. 3.
Directed by Megan Shalom Arnette
Featuring Dorothy Lemoult, Merlin Whitehawk, Erin Knight, Jeff Grimm.

Doofus power!
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Anyone out there?

Hey you cool people of Seattle! I just joined the community and would like to briefly introduce myself. I'm 19, female, live in the Seattle area, and attend the UW. Though I've lived here for quite some time, I feel that there are still a lot of small, hidden corners of the city I have yet to discover so hopefully this community will help me answer some questions.

I'm taking a long shot here, but for my first question: A friend and I really really REALLY want to see Death Cab next week at the Paramount. Does anyone have 2 extra tickets for the main floor? We'll give you $25 each, but we're also willing to negotiate. Or if anyone knows anyway for me to contact someone for said tickets, please oh please let me know. Thanks y'all!
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