October 30th, 2004


Civic duty

Anybody have an opinion on King County Charter Amendments 1A & 1B?

I've heard nothing about it. Smaller government sounds good, but I'm still pissed about them making me pay for the stadium I never use. For that reason 1A is sounding real tempting.

On the other hand, Tim Eyman is involved with 1A. This guy is scum and I don't trust him any further than I could throw one of his cars.

I-297 scares the hell out of me -- how could I possibly make an informed decision over a change to a legal system that involves 100s of state and federal regulations, the DoE, the military, and a dozen oversite committees. Plus it's on radiation and toxic waste. That helps me keep emotions out of the decision. I'm thinking of voting no just because if it was a good idea I think our state legislature would have enacted it already.

Transportation initiatives.
I hate these. I'm an Eastsider and so they do me no good. Soooo.. do I want to vote to increase my taxes for roads I'll never use??? Hmmmmm... Part of me claims its good for the health of the regional economy. Part of me is thinking the carnage from the Alaska Way Viaduct becoming unusable would be a hoot to watch. (Yes, I realize some of the improvements are for I-405 -- but I don't go near that either.)

Any replies please try to keep constructive... you know: useful information, not "this law sucks".

Damn, broke my own rule already. OK, Eyman is scum because on previous innitiatives where he raised 100s of thousands of dollars, he was paying himself a multi-hundred thousand dollar administrative sallary. I don't remember exact numbers, but I think he walked away with about half of the money raised for the initiatives. And besides, if he really cared, he'd make it legal for grocery stores to sell booze and eliminate those stupid state-run liquer stores that COST US MONEY to run. Only a state government could loose money selling alcohol. Yeesh.