October 29th, 2004


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Can anyone point out any good services that'll come pick up donations?
Salvation army was picky, Northwest Center never showed up, and Now I've got services for the blind attempting a pick up.

got any others? Most of this crap is new, I was just too lazy to haul it to my new house!

re-evaluation counseling (RC)

while living in philadelphia, a friend introduced me to re-evaluation counseling, also known simply as RC.

i moved back to seattle a few months ago and would really like to start having sessions again. does anyone have any info on RC in seattle? i know that the theory and such was created in the area. i've checked online for their website (it's down) and in the phonebook (no dice).

  • jpt03

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i just moved here from NY and i have a really bad ear infection and don't have health insurance. does anyone know anywhere i can go to get it looked at. somewhere that i could pay on a sliding scale. like a clinic or something.

Because sometimes, Ken Schram has a sense of humor...

from the KOMO TV website

SEATTLE - Who gives out what for Halloween?

After exhaustive research, I've compiled a list of what some folks are giving out to trick-or-treaters this year.

Tim Eyman is going with his standard: big bags of B.S.

Not to be outdone, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is handing out even bigger bags of B.S.

Governor Gary Locke will give you his weekly appointment at the barber college.

Matt Hasslebeck is giving out pass interceptions.

From Ron Sims you'll get a brochure: 15 Ways To Say "Merry Christmas" Without Using The Words "Merry" or "Christmas."

Puyallup school chief Tony Apostle isn't giving away anything. He just comes to the door to scare kids.

Kathi Goertzen is handing out pictures of the faces she makes during my commentaries.

Go to Bill Bavasi's house and you'll get 2004 Mariners' World Series hats.

KVI's John Carlson has autographed copies of his new book titled: "I'm So Far Right That I Haven't Been Right So Far."

Mary Kay Letourneau...

What're you nuts!!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, let your kids go anywhere near her house!

Have fun, and be careful out there.

hair dye?

anyone know any good temporary hair dyes? and where i can buy them? i want to dye my hair black for halloween, but its naturally red so i dont want anything that will cause streaking, etc... after i wash it out.
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I think there might have been a post about this a few days ago, but I can't find it (ergo appologies if this is a repeat post).

I was registered to vote at my old address, and voted twice while living there. This summer I moved and filled out a change of address form with a roving voter-reg guy. I don't remember if I ever got the postcard, but I'm positive I registered as an absentee and I never got my ballot. I plan to vote in person so my lack of a ballot is not very important, but since I don't remember if I ever got the card, is there any way to check my status as a registered WA voter? Also, if my address change didn't go through, may I still vote at my old polling place (or the new one?) or would I have been dropped from the rosters since I did not leave a forwarding address at my old house? I assume I must be registered *somewhere* since I have voted before, but I'm getting a bit nervous.

I've been robbed!

My car was broken into tonight -- they took the stereo and my CD wallet full of CD's nobody else could possibly want. The dashboard looks like crap because they pried off the section of it my stereo was in. Other than my driver's seat being readjusted (???) my car is fine. There is no evidence of forced entry -- I can even lock the door.

I was parked in the West auxilliary lot of the Northgate Transit Center. I have no idea when they did it, but needless to say I'm really, really upset. I've called my insurance company (closed, will get a "message" of the incident on Monday), and talked to the police (they arranged a callback, whenever THAT is), and I have no one to talk to. I feel so violated, so angry... so helpless.

What else can I do? Do I sit back and wait? Are there more people to call? What now?