October 28th, 2004

Thursday,Thursday, Thursday !!!!!

Tonight @ Schizophrenia, Brishan will be spinning gothic/industrial/80's/and more! Free Pool! Bartenders are standing by! Come on down and start the Halloween weekend early! Doors open at 9. $4.00 cover all night. We will be open late-crowd permitting. We're located at the alley entrance under the Autobattery Shop at 10th and Union in Seattle's Capitol Hill 21+w id please.

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Registered but not Listed....now what?

Has anyone heard of other stories like this or had something similar happen? I registered to vote through a bureaucratic organization last April, BUT my name is not in King County Elections Office's files.

I called the Elections Office twice & they checked by name, address, DOB. I even e-mailed them just to be certain. I've never voted in WA before.

I'm 99.9% certain this unrelated buerocratic org. simply didn't turn in my info. They lost some information & paperwork in April and didn't tell me they had lost my voter registration & I didn't remember to ask. Now I realize I never received my registration #, but it's too late.

Funny, how easy it is to not care about what you have till it's gone.

I wish there was something I could do (like vote) ... I left a message at the organization that lost my info in April, saying I wanted to know what happened. Even if it was their fault they wouldn't apologize. But I don't care because if Bush wins, even by one vote, he will cut their funding. (my small comfort)

oh...you can still get an absentee ballot sent to you.

Live Show on Halloween @ the Mercury

This is the most recent info I have on the Halloween line-up so far:

Glen or Glenda (misfits cover band)
Leather Tuscadero
The Gropers
The Dead Vampires

This is an all ages show with a separate 21+w/id area. Doors open at 8pm. $10.00 (cash) cover.
We are located at the alley entrance under the Autobody Shop at 10th and Union in Capitol Hill.

The Mercury@machinewerks is a private club for members and their guests. This is your invitation.
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Doctor hunt

I saw there was an entry on pediatricians, but it didn't have wat I was looking for, so here I am.

We need a pediatrician for our special needs daughter, prefferably someone flexible, not stingy about refferals, and with evening hours. North Seattle would be good, but if you know The Perfect Doc elsewhere, please tell me :)

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a nurse practitioner or dr in Seattle that takes medical coupons/healthy options? I would prefer to see a female provider, but I am open. Also, I live in the central district so I would prefer not to have to drive to the north side.
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Another medical question - pediatricians

I checked the memories, and the other pediatrician post, but it didn't contain what I was looking for.

I'm looking for a pediatrician on the eastside - preferably Kirkland or surrounding area. Both of my top choices are not accepting new patients right now, so I am looking for any other recommendations. Our baby is due in April, so I thought I would check out peds now. Thanks!
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November 2nd


• Time: Employers must schedule their employees’ working hours on the day of an election to allow a reasonable time of up to two hours to vote. However, this provision does not apply if the employee is informed of his/her work schedule for an election day in sufficient time to obtain an absentee ballot.

• Pay: If a work schedule does not provide enough time to vote, excluding meal or rest breaks, an employee must be given a reasonable time off with pay.

• Penalty: Not Specified

The polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. If you work during those hours, and cannot go before or after work, show your boss the above, and let them know you have the right to leave early/late/middle of the day to go vote. It's a right, not a priveledge. Please go vote.

State Laws: http://www.whad.com/labor_library/Voting_Time_Off_Laws.htm

Poll times: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/146752_rail04.html

Yes, the poll times are from last year, but they are applicable for this year as well.
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A while ago somebody posted a website that had free movies showings at the oaktree and pacific place. Sort of like a sneak preview. I think it was paramount or something. I went to one a while ago and was just curious if anybody knew the website for it. Ooh, and the movie I went to was without a paddle, if that helps people remember the post about it...
i will survive.

(no subject)

i'm moving. to a decently inexpensive townhome thing in auburn.

the really sucky thing is i have to break my lease to do this. and the company is trying to charge me like crazy to do so. i realize they totally have this right, but unfortunately, due to my spectacular job laying me off, i can't pay the fees they want. so, unless i can find someone(s) to move in after i move out, i'm totally getting myself willingly evicted. and yes, that sucks. a lot.
so what i want to know is... do any of you guys (girls) know anyone at all who would like to move into a 2 bedroom (1100 sqft) place on the edge of kent? within about a week (if possible)?

i know this is a tremendous thing to ask, but i posted everywhere i could think of to try and find a roommate, but i've had no luck at that for two months. and during that time, a very reliable and great friend of mine has been paying most of my rent for me. this is the last thing i could think of to do.

thanks for any help any of you can give me, i *greatly* appreciate it.

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Pawn shops / does anyone know what its worth

I'm looking to sell a sharp Dv-L70u 7" dvd/cd player. It's in pretty good condition but it's missing a little plastic casing for a the battery connection. The power cord to the wall is in fine condition. Does anyone know what this was worth new (it's a couple years old and I didn't buy it) and what it might be worth in this condition. I know very little about electronics and what they're worth.
Also does anyone have any dealings with pawn shops in Seattle. I've never sold to one and I'm wondering if it's worth it or if I should try selling it on-line. Does anyone know of pawn shops with better/worse reputations? I'd be grateful for any advice on the matter.