October 27th, 2004


Does anyone have a laptop that is not shit that i can buy off of you for 300$

and or.. can some supa geektastical person to build me my cheap super laptop of doom.

Dresden Dolls Nov. 12

Anybody here jugglers who would like to preform ( for free ) :( sorry .... at a concert on the 12 of November? You could pass out cards, and you can put out a hat. Let me know if you are interested. I may even be able to get you in for free.


Has anyone successfully subletted their apartment that can tell me about it?

I'm considering subletting because of various circumstances. I don't want to break the lease for fear of damaging my credit, though. I'm not familiar with the process of subletting. What do I need to discuss with my landlord ahead of time? For anyone who has done it, any tips or advice on making sure things go smoothly and don't end up awry would be appreciated.

Room for Rent

My friend's roommate just got married, and she will be needing a new one very soon. It's in Mount Vernon, and I know that's a bit north, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here! Whatever I can do to help...

Here's some info:
3 BR, 2 BA house. $525 incl. w/s/g. Other utilities split.
Great home, central location, privacy, 3rd room is a computer / storage / extra.

female preferred... not a huge partier, yet doesn't mind fun x-mas or halloween parties, etc. Not an every weekend thing though...

If you know of anyone who might be interested, have them contact Michelle at 360-941-5301 or email mlinak@comcast.net


I've created law answers, a place where each day new legal information and referral for Washington State and the Seattle area will be posted. Anyone is welcome to join. The first two entries focus on Parents' Rights in a Dependency Action and lists a Washington State domestic violence hotline.

Democrats and whatnot.

We're holding a political debate in one of my classes tomorrow. I've been given the part of the democratic party (phew) and I need some sources. I've been searching all over the internet, and have found a few already. I'm not sure where to get legitimate information from a website, however. It can't be a website of a magazine or journal, it must be only online. I have found a few reliable places such as democrats.org and "Democracy for America." Neither seem to provide interesting information about the democratic party, or against the republican party. If anyone knows of a really interesting article from a website, or just a website with information in general on the subject, I'd be very happy if you could post the link. I want something interesting with unknown facts. I'd like people to be informed, not bored.


Keep in mind it needs to support the democratic party, not simply mention it.
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Help me with a project!

I'm in the early childhood education program at NSCC and I'm taking a class about working with childresn with disabilities. I need to find out whether there are any preschools here in Seattle that deal with deaf/hard of hearing children. It's ok if there's only one or two kids there who are hard of hearing, I just need to go observe their program and document any accomodations etc that are made for that child. I only need one visit, probably less than an hour. If anyone is aware of someplace that I can find out about this, I would much appreciate the help!

lesson one: learn to use a lighter.

Dear Idiot in Fremont Who Lit His Cigarette With a Match and Then Threw it Away in the Little Trash Attached to the Bus Sign While I Watched From the Bus This Morning:

learn to spit on your match before tossing it in the trash. or, as it's biodegradable, choose to ingest it. your insides are a lot less likely to combust into flames like the contents of the previously mentioned trash receptacle.

which burned a lovely shade of orange and surprised the man who boarded the bus from the stop as it roared into life.


~a busrider.

i remember watching him wave the match in the air and the flame appear to go out, and pondered whether the heat from the match would, indeed, be strong enough to ignite anything in there. a few minutes later, it turned out that it did!

we left too quickly after the initial surprise for me to run out there and toss what was left of my morning coffee on it. i can only hope that it burned out quickly and didn't damage the sign/cannister too much or that whatever shop the stop was in front of noticed it and put it out (or some amazed bystander). if anyone hears about a reward for knowing what the dumbass who did it looked like, let me know, cause i could give a description. *LOL*
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I love the Sox, but...

is anyone here reaping the wonderful effects of the Red Sox victory tonight, like neighbors honking their horns for 10 minutes straight and playing "Dirty Water" out on their decks so that people in Idaho can enjoy it too? I didn't think it would be bad in Seattle (or Bellevue, as it may be), but apparently the Boston contingent is out in full force within hearing distance. If they were Yankee fans I'd totally call the cops.
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Do you know about Ghosty?  I went last year and was most impressed.  The actors pen their own ghost stories and act them out - some are super creepy.  You wander from ghost to ghost, attempting to figure out their story and find their talisman so they can get some peace.

There wasn't much jump-out-and-grab-you stuff, it was mostly deeply disturbing.  Want to be both challenged and spooked?  Then this is for you.

DATES & TIMES: Sunday, October 31st (6pm-midnight)
LOCATION: ACT Theatre (700 Union Street) in the Bullitt Cabaret
TICKET PRICES: $7 door (All Ages, Complimentary Snacks, Cash Bar - IDs required if you plan to drink.)
RESERVATIONS: 206.728.0933
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