October 26th, 2004

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10% off your coffee next month

Athena™ Pink Wristbands

Tully’s may not be your favorite coffee store, but I figured this might be worth sharing with the rest of you. Currently Tully’s is selling pink bracelets (they’re more purple than pink) on behalf of Athena Water.

What is Athena Water? Athena Partners is a not-for-profit corporation that was founded in July 2003 by Trish B. May, a former Microsoft executive whose desire to raise money (100% of profits are donated to research) and awareness for women's cancers arises from her own personal experience with the disease. May lost her mother to ovarian cancer and she herself is a breast cancer survivor. May is involved in the Northwest cancer community as an advisor and philanthropist to leading cancer organizations. She is dedicated to using her business expertise and passion to benefit the women’s cancer cause through a new form of venture philanthropy.

The bracelets are only $1 at your local Tully’s Coffee (store locator), and next month if you’re wearing one of the bracelets when you order your coffee at Tully’s, you’ll get 10% off your order.

An added bonus? Unlike Lance’s LiveStrong bracelets, the Athena bracelets smell like grape ;) (On the opposite end of the bracelet, it reads “Victory Starts Here!”)


inFusion Tribal Belly Dance performances THIS WEEK

Hello everyone,

There are two upcoming opportunities to catch inFusion Tribal this week. Check 'em out:

Thursday October 28th
8pm and 9pm
Capitol Club
414 E Pine, Capitol Hill

inFusion Tribal performs every Third Thursday at the Capitol Club. Two shows, 8pm and 9pm, in the upstairs lounge. 21+ and NO COVER!

Capitol Club serves fantastic food and specialty drinks to accompany the exciting entertainment of inFusion Tribal Belly Dance. No reservations can be taken for the lounge, so arrive early to get a seat. It has been standing room only all year, so don't be late!


with inFusion Tribal Belly Dance
Halloween Night
Sunday, October 31st, 8:0pm doors
The Old Red Hook Brewery
N 34th and Phinney Avenue, in Fremont

Troll-a-Go-Go features music, belly dance, trapeze, stilt-walkers and art & performance of all sorts--with YOU, in all your costumed glory, as the centerpiece of the décor! Beer & wine will also be available to 'lubricate your groove thang' for a whirlwind night of festivities, dancing and delicious haunted revelry. inFusion is slated to perform around 10:30pm. Tickets are $8 in advance (at Sonic Boom Records), $10 at the door ($15 without costume). More details at the Fremont Art Council website at http://www.fremontartscouncil.org

See you soon!
The Women of inFusion Tribal
i lie

Initiative 884

Went to the Elections office today and had them print me up an absentee ballot cuz mine never came.

I am confronted with this:

Initiative Measure No. 884 concerns dedicating funds designated for educational purposes.  This measure would create an education trust fund for smaller classes, extended learning programs, certain salary increases, preschool access, and expanded college enrollments and scholarships, funded by increasing retail sales tax by 1%.

Should this measure be enacted into law?


Now, on the one hand I'm a big lefty and of course I want to tax the hell out of everything to pay for education.
But, I think Ron Sims had it right - we should be abolishing sales taxes.  I'd like to make this my own personal line in the sand - no more voting for sales tax anything until the state has created a new tax structure.

Should I vote for education meaning it's a sales tax poison pill?

static cling!

L & I Claim

Does anyone know if you have an on the job work injury claim with WA L & I if you quit the job that it occured at do they automatically drop/deny your claim? Has anyone heard this before or maybe had something similiar?

Thanks so much.
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Rat City Volunteers needed

The Rat City Rollergirls are gearing up for the 2005 bouting season. It's happening y'all, it really is!

The RCRG are looking for cool people who want to be involved as:
Referees, Announcers, Score Keepers, Time Keepers, Team Managers, Ticket Takers & Sellers, Miscreants & Flyer crew

For more information check out the Rat City Rollergirls website or the direct call-to-arms forum message.

(no subject)

I'm on a hunt for some pseudo gummy candy things called JOLZ or Jouls...they're orange and they come in a white box the size of a tic tac packet with a picture of an orange on them.

They're sugar free and yummy. Anyone know where I can get some? Preferably downtonwn.

Regal Parkway Plaza 12 Cinema

We went and saw the Grudge there the other night and had an awful experience. The chick at the box office ignored us standing at the fandango window for about 10 minutes until the manager walked in and saw us there. When I mentioned it to him he said "She doesn't know about Fandango. It's not her fault".

Uhm.. excuse me? If someone is going to work at the front selling tickets shouldn't they be told about that one little window at the end with the red carpet leading up to it? I mean, she made eye contact with us on several occasions but didn't bother to wonder why we were standing there holding our credit card? Puh-leeze!

Then I stopped into the restroom and found the first sink overflowed with vomit. Someone was in one of the stalls puking quite loudly. When I went out and found someone (holding a broom and dragging a trash can so I assumed they worked there!) telling them about it he laughed and said "Tell her to clean it up! I ain't touching that shit". Coming out of the movie I stopped in there again and the mess was still there!!

Has anyone else been to that theater and had a similar negative experience?

I'm new to town

Hi folks! My fathere is coming into town for a weekend: I am looking for sugggestions as to what I could do with him. He's a little conservative, while I am not. I live on Capitol Hill.
Should we do the touristy stuff like the space needle?
Anyone have a suggestion for a nice restaurant, downtown or capitol hill?
Anything free or cheap to do?
narm narm narm


Okay, so I am thinking of trying to go as a voodoo doll, but unsure of a safe, non-puncturing way to pins in me....hints??

Oh and another thing, any suggestions on how to NOT look like a scarecrow?? I am thinking of something like this:

put my hair in knots on my head, stick some feathers out of them, get an old dress, paint stitches on my face or something and then attach some pins to me, maybe tie a noose around my neck and carry a picture or tape a picture of myself to me

Think people would get it??
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Livestrong Bands

I'm looking for those yellow 'Livestrong' bands to give to my sister as a birthday present. I need it by this Friday (That's why I don't want to order online, it'll take 3-4 weeks to ship it).
Do you know where I can get them here in Seattle, or anybody has an extra?

Thank you!
erica.kim ( at ) gmail ( . ) com
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FREE computer stuff


I won't get into the details as to how they got here (I will say it was legal), but there are about 30 computer monitors (15" Dell) and several sets of basic desktop speakers sitting outside my ground-level apartment.

PLEASE take them. All items are functioning and in excellent condition. I'm located near the Dick's on Lake City Way. Comment with your email address and I'll tell ya where to come pick up the deal of a lifetime!
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Not-So-Private Information

Okay, so check this out, I'm Googling my tight-wad motherfucker of a dad who claimed my whole youth that his finances were a private matter and would not share with me or anyone any information about his salary, and what do I find? By putting in his last name and "Seattle" into Google I find his fucking salary of just over 60 grand per year.

Why? Because the salaries of individuals employed in public institutions are public information. And it just so happens that the City of Seattle has made this public information especially accessible to the public by posting it online.

I thought perhaps some of y'all might find the availability of said salary info. interesting. Maybe you work for the city and didn't realize yourself that all your friends and family can figure out your income with just a few key strokes. Maybe you want to find out how much that asshole police officer who pulled you over the other day makes.

Employees are listed last name first, comma, first name, with an asterisk replacing the first letter of their first name, like so: "Doe, *ohn"

Happy snooping.


[Edit] On a second perusal, it appears information for every employee of a public institution in the state is available--not all of it in the exact format I showed above though (so natives, you can see how much your teachers made...I'm frankly wondering what many of them have to cry about). Also the information wasn't posted by the City of Seattle as I had implied before but rather requested of the City and other institutions (Freedom of Information Act), then made available online by the requesters.