October 25th, 2004


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multiple requests:

does anyone have a soldering iron (variable temperature preferred) they don't need and would be willing to give me or part with cheaply? yes, i know that's a good deal for me. but i'm moniless, eh?

anyone able to do laptop repair and willing to do it free or cheaply?

anyone willing to help a fellow geek learn how to solder?

thanks for your time.
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Since there have been a lot of questions about voting -

I changed my voting address in September and I got my voters registeration card on Saturday! If you haven't got yours yet, you should call (206) 296-VOTE (if you are in king county.) If you want to check to see if you are registered anyway, you can look here - https://www.metrokc.gov/elections/pollingplace/birthday.aspx.

If you have any other ideas, please include in comments and maybe it will be added to memories.
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Good Cheap Seattle Hotels?

Hi there. I just stumbled on this site but figured there had to be some sort of live journal group focused on all things Seattle. Anyways, I'm coming up there on Sunday 10/31 to see PJ Harvey and am thinking of staying overnight. My question to you guys is this. Are there any good cheap hotels (under $50) that are downtown or close to where the concert is (The Showbox)? I made a reservation at The Moore Hotel but have heard mixed things about it. The guy I talked to at the Moore also said there was going to be no heat at the place and that's a bit discouraging. Can anyone out there help out? Any help's appreciated.
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crossposted to many sources:

At a recent Breast Cancer Fund event, I was startled to learn that the state of Washington has the highest incidence of women with breast cancer. Therefore, I am posting a few items about this important topic.

First of all, many studies are showing that one of the causes of breast cancer may be environmental pollutants.
Our state has many problems with air, water, and soil contamination. Think radwaste in the Columbia, PCB's in the Duwamish and Puget Sound, Dioxins in the air...The Breast Cancer Fund is located in San Francisco, but has begun an outreach branch in Seattle. You can donate at the website, or email them for ideas of how to help.
Inform yourself. This is not only a Washington state topic, it is a world-wide problem.

For more information on environmental causes of breast cancer go to The Breast Cancer Fund and learn about their campaign to keep toxins out of our communities.

Download the State of the Evidence report from the same website. Hand it on to doctors, teachers, researchers, and citizens in your area.

Join the campaign for safer cosmetics. Visit the campaign site and learn what is in deodorants, make-up, hairsprays, and other household beauty products.

Climb Mount Rainier or support someone who is. Download an application from the Breast Cancer Fund today. 40 men and women will Climb Against the Odds to raise $500,000 to eliminate environmental causes of the disease.

And related information on a study you or someone you know can take part in:

There is a NIH study being done on sisters of breast cancer victims to determine some of the causes of this disease.
info here at NWCN.

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Can I just say somethin?

I love Seattle! And Seattleites.

I'm just in a very Seattle mood. Comming south on the viaduct I saw the most amazing seattle scene...
the orange craines, the Smith tower, and Mt. Rainier in all her glory... I love seattle mornings!
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The OTHER holiday

Hey folks,
I'm sure we're all focused on Halloween this weekend, but I was wondering if any of you know of any celebrations/events/etc observing that other dead holidy: Dia de la Muertos.

I know they have something going on at the Seattle Center, but have proved inept at finding details. Have any of you ever been the the Center's Dia de la Muertos? Is it worth the time?
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Luggage carrier for sale

I have a car top luggage carrier for sale. $20.
It's about 3' by 4' and 12-18" deep. It ties on to the car

It's ideal for moving across country, going on a road trip or camping.

It should fit on most vehicles I think. I used it on a Honda Passport.
I live on Capitol Hill.

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any rooms for rent?

Hello. My name is Joe and I just moved to Seattle from NY.
I need to find a place to live asap. I am looking at Fremont, Wallingford or Capital Hill.
I can swing about $350-$450 a month to rent a room.
I would like to be walking distance to stores and bus
Anyone know of anything available?
I’ve been looking on craigslist as well.
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Bat Signal rentals - anyone?!

Having exhausted my patience for shoddy salesmanship, I turn to you, my fellow info junkies. For the love of Pete, Pete's mom, and Pete's dogs and cats, does anyone know where in our fair-ish city I can rent a giant spotlight to light the sky to the likes of the Bat Signal? My eternal gratitude ~ Dirk
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Seattle Monorail Forum

This is a community service announcement regarding an event open to the public featuring representatives from both sides of the Seattle Monorail issue.

What: A forum to hear views from both sides of the issue of the No Recall Go Monorail campaign and the Yes on I-83 campaign.

When: Wednesday, October 27th from 6-7pm

Where: The YMCA building (3rd and Lenora), Jennings Community room

Presented and hosted by: The Belltown Business Association and Belltown Community Council.
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Re: that "STOP I-892" commercial with the children looking in the window at the lady playing the slot machine...

Would that actually be possible? I thought I-892 would limit these machines to establishments that are 21+ with gambling licenses -- places that don't have waist-high see-through windows.

Am I mistaken?

FYI I am watching The Swan on 13 and I'm sure they'll play the commercial again during the next hour.

edit: thanks to TiVo, I was able to rewind and capture an image for those of you who have not seen this part of the commercial:


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Where in Seattle can I purchase convertible mitten/gloves?
Is there anyone in this community that makes and sells them?
Custom makes and sells? (I'd do it myself, but I am having sewing machine problems)
Thank you!

(I googled AND ebayed!)
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does anyone remember the ketchup potato chips that they used to sell at QFC? do they still have them there? is there anywhere you can get them? thanks much!
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More Voting info!

If you are a democrat, John kerry's office is offering rides on Election day. If you are in need of this service, please call the local John Kerry office at 206-281-9124.

I don't know if the local Bush offices are offering the same thing but I am sure someone here is in the know.
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Halloween Costume Parties

Well, after spending the good part of this month and last month working on two costumes, I'm getting ready for the big weekend!
Does anyone know of any money prize costume contests going on? We're going to Freak Night Seattle this Friday, but I've got Saturday and Sunday to consider, as well, and I'd like to get out and get a little variety.
As far as venues, I'm looking for all ages and 21+.
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