October 23rd, 2004

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metal work

I'm wondering if anyone reading here knows any that works with metal at all? I need a cheap "steady cam" made. I have the directions to do it, and typicaly would only cost about $14 to make. However I want to make some additions to a somewhat simplistic design.

I would make one myself but I lack the tools needed for sucha project. Please, please, anyone out there who may know someone that can help, please let me know.

Roommate wanted!

I really need someone to move by November 1st. Our old roommate needed to leave for a few months and didn't give us notice, we thought we could last for another month or two till she came back, but we're not going to make it, hopefully she'll be able to find someplace else if and when she comes back to the Seattle Area.

Specs of the Room:

You get two choices, there are two bedrooms in the basement, one is larger but curtained off with a private entry but no closet. The other one is a "typical" bedroom, smaller in size but with a closet. The basement is shared with a large TV/Media center, brand new washer and dryer, bathroom with standup shower. Bathroom would be shared. If you need a bathtub, you are welcome to come upstairs and use the other bathroom. One roommate is currently living in the bedroom, but doesn't care to move as long as we get another person in this house.

The house:

Kitchen is upstairs with BRAND NEW appliances, we try to keep this area specifically very clean, as it is the main common area.

Heating the house is done by a series of waterpipes under our handcrafted hardwood floors. This house is NEVER too hot or too cold. I adore it.

The house is located in West Seattle, right off the bridge. A 15 minute bus ride to downtown, with busses that go by about every 10 minutes. There is a Safeway across the street, and plenty of parking at night.

We have a full back yard, deck with an amazing city/cascades view.

We currently have had our internet shut off because we're having trouble making rent at the moment, which is our priority. We would LOVE to turn it back on (I'm taking online classes), but we need the third person living her to do so. We're opting for cable over DSL, because there is only ONE phone outlet in the entire house, but cable in every room.

The Roommates:
We are a fulltime student/target employee and a construction worker. I go to SCCC so another student to carpool with would be nice. We have two indoor kitties, so please do not reply if you are allergic. We definatley need someone that would make sure to not let the kitties out.

We are VERY geek friendly, spend a good deal of time gaming, etc. We'd love someone to live here that was similar, male or female.

There is no Drug use or Smoking allowed inside the house. What you do outside the house is your business. Neither one of us drink atm, but you are more than welcome to do whatever you want in that respect.

We don't care what hours you work, just as long as you can pay the rent. We don't care if you invite people over if they're kept in your space and you are responsible for them. (heh, can you tell we've had problems before?)


1/3 of rent (1100 a month which is a steal for this location and the amenities the house has.) (360$ for whichever room you take)
1/3 of utilities
Utility breakdown: 100$ a month for power (33$ your cost)
60$ a month for water/sewer/garbage (20$ your cost)
Internet would also be split as well.

We would need a 100$ security/damage deposit (which can be made in installments) and a rental contract.

If you are interested, please respond to pikakyosei@gmail.com

All Ages @ The Paradox

Hey everyone... here's a couple of shows coming up for you to check out!

October 23 - 7:00pm

The Answer
Dead in Hollywood
14 Days of Terror

Power of II compilation release party... need I say more? The first 100 people at the door will receive a free 7" courtesy of your friends at the Paradox.

Located at 1401 NW Leary Way in Ballard. Check the website for maps and bus schedules - www.theparadox.org

October 30 @ Town Hall $10
Staffed by your friends from The Paradox...
Jason Webley's annual Day of the Dead Show.
Accordions! Puppets! Death!
Come see it all at this show, you will not want to miss it. If you're a first timer, prepare to be amazed - these shows have been growing bigger and bigger. Last time we had 800 kids there!


server / bar tender job?

I'm desperately looking for a serving/bar tending job. No where seems to be hiring right now, and I'm moving at the end of the month, so money is super tight. If anyone has any knowledge on place which are hiring, and preferably will make me some money without making me completely miserable, I'd appreciate it.

having concluded that i do in fact have NO options as to whom to vote for in regards to Wa. Governor

I am writing in Sir Mix-A-Lot
this is the start of my spearheading a write in ballot campaign for him.

my goal is 1000 votes, or whatever will get it mentioned on television.

if you are willing to pledge your write in vote to Sir Mix-A-Lot for governor, please hop on over to my journal and be counted.
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Opinion requested

My husband doesn't think that electrical outlets are much of a hazard to the life of our 8.5 month old daughter.
Please reply to this thread or at his journal (or both) with your opinion. His journal - cjcollier

My opinion is that they are hazardous and they should be blocked with child proof plugs(for the record).
never mind

Halloween Horror Reading - Saturday, October 30th

There's that chill in the air again, that sharp wind through leafless
trees that makes you pull your coat tighter. The days are growing shorter
and the dead are closer every day.

It's almost time.

Come to my seventh annual Horror Fiction Reading on Saturday, October

I'll be reading a few of my short stories, including at least one brand
new piece and something from my anthology, Counting from Ten.
(I'll also have copies with me, if you'd like to buy one afterward.)

As always, the Reading will be at the Aurafice, an Internet coffee shop,
on 616 East Pine Street, between Belmont and Boylston on Capitol Hill in
Seattle, WA. It will be from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. (Early enough, I hope,
for everyone to come to the reading and still be able to go out and enjoy
the rest of your Halloween weekend.)

If you're not familiar with my fiction, please check out my personal
website at: http://bloodletters.com/

If you're planning on being there, then please consider posting this link
image in your LiveJournal, or to your website or weblog. I look forward
to seeing you all. Thanks!

Here's the code for it:

src="http://bloodletters.com/pub/montoure-oct2004.gif" border="0"
width="300" height="300"></a>

Took the words out of my brain.
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$380 - Roommate in Greenwood wanted starting November 1st (Greenwood)

$380 - Roommate in Greenwood wanted starting November 1st (Greenwood)

I'm seeking for someone to take my place in a house by November 1st with two other cool early-thirties guys. Everybody is pretty chill, not too much into sharing meals or food, it's a pretty much live on your own type basis, although everyone's really friendly.

The rent is $380 + utilities!

The house itself has a 1 BR on the floor, and 2 BRs upstairs (one of them upstairs would be yours), Living room, Kitchen, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, and a basement with musical equipment. Also, satellite cable for all your tv-clarity watching needs.

The house street is right off of 85th where bus lines are, the 28 is about a block and a half away and will take you to downtown seattle.

Musicians are welcome as well. Smokers are welcome too, but must smoke outside and be courteous.

I'd love to stay here if I could, but I'm moving because I'm getting a place closer to where both of my jobs are. It's absolutely great for the price though, it's a very cool house.

If you're interested, give a call to Andre at 206.783.7689
or send an email: andredizaster@yahoo.com
or comment here...