October 22nd, 2004


Upcoming films at Consolidated Works!!!

Hey everyone,

Consolidated Works, the Pacific Northwest’s only multi-disciplinary contemporary arts center, is showing some *great* films as part of their fall consolidation series "Instinct" (an eight-week exploration of a theme through art: visual art, film, music, theater, and lectures). Hope you can make it!

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 22-24 at 8pm at Consolidated Works
The Blonds
(Albertina Carri, Argentina, 2003, 89 min.)
Orphaned nearly two decades earlier by Argentinas brutal military dictatorship, filmmaker Albertina Carri sets out to reconstruct the lives of her activist parents, but finds that traditional documentary methods are wholly inadequate. Instead, Carri has created an unclassifiable hybrid of documentary and fiction (with claymation interludes thrown in the mix) that brilliantly illustrates the destructive power of the state, which has so fully erased all traces of these two lives that the only way to tell their story is to rebuild it, from the very beginning - and the filmmaker has to develop an entirely new method of documentation in order to do it.

"Unpretentiously poetic and casually stylish, yet perversely precise." - J. Hoberman, THE VILLAGE VOICE
"**** - Highly recommended." -David Sterrit, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 29-31 at 8pm
Other People's Pictures
(Lorca Shepperd & Cabot Philbrick, USA, 2004, 57min.)
Why would anyone want to buy someone else's family photographs? In the heart of the Chelsea Flea Market lies a repository of snapshots that have been abandoned or lost by their original owners, but which have the hope of a new life in the collections of perfect strangers. For some, the quest is purely aesthetic. For others, these found photographs have a deeper significance. OTHER PEOPLE'S PICTURES provides a charming introduction into a delightful subculture of whose existence few are aware.


baby rodents

This may seem like an odd question but does anyone happen to have a mother rat? I found 8 babies and 4 of them are alive. They might be squirrels. Not sure. They are so young it is hard to tell. trying to find another place for them...if they survive...
persis khambatta

(Haunted) Corn Mazes?

There are a lot of corn mazes out there around Seattle this year... Has anyone actually been to any of them? Some of them look like they may not be worth the drive to Arlington, Puyallup, Everett... Any <> mazes, preferably night-time mazes, you would recommend?

(I checked the memories but couldn't find any 1st hand recommendations...)
Free Child

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'Stories' and 'Puzzles' promise to feed the mind

What might be called "theater with a conscience" -- work that aims to serve some socially useful purpose -- turns up in both the Central District and on the waterfront during the coming week.

The Live Girls! company, which works on the second floor of an Alaskan Way warehouse, is presenting "Family Stories" by Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanovic. A dark comedy, it deals with four Belgrade young people as they live through the late 1990s implosion of Yugoslavia. Proceeds of the Oct. 24 show go to the Serbian relief organization Lifeline.

The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center's debut production of a new project, the Senior Theatre Program, opens on Tuesday. Four along-in-years women -- three actresses and a singer -- present a bill of poetry, stories, one-act plays and songs. Their show is called "Age Puzzles Me."

"Family Stories" runs through Oct. 30. The Live Girls! theater is at 620 Alaskan Way (enter through the Antique Importers door). A $12 donation is suggested; 206-568-1985, Ext. 3. The Langston Hughes Center is at 104 17th Ave. S. "Age Puzzles Me" runs through Nov. 9. Tickets: $5, $4 for groups of 20 or more; 206-684-4757.

-- Joe Adcock

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Anyone who does not yet have plans for the Halloween weekend... Last annual Freak Night being held at the Qwest Field Plaza next Friday... If you are into electronic music at all, the lineup is amazing...

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cleaning services

I am in need of a cleaning service to turn over my apartment, remove rubbish, do the basic move-out cleaning checklist. I lived on Capitol Hill. Anyone have good services they can recommend?

Many thanks!

(no subject)

Im looking for Cyanescens around parks and such, and I even drove down to Monroe (I live in Washington state) and I cant find any prime locations. If anyone will point me in the right direction..any forest areas where they thrive, it would be more than helpful. Right now I only know of a couple well known spots that have been dry considering people go and pick babies and all.

If anyone knows of any spots with ideal conditions for Cyanescens they would share, I would be more than grateful. My screen name is Modmouse36.

care packages for the troops?

I'd like to send some care packages to the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,
is there a specific unit or units from around here, and if so, anyone have their address?
also any troops, former troops, or family members of troops that know what the most frequently requested items are?
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