October 20th, 2004

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My roommates and I are all new to town (I moved here this summer, they showed up about six weeks ago) and we're starting to get... well, not bored of Ballard, but interested in living in a part of town a little less suburb-y and a little more racially/culturally diverse. We're thinking somewhere south of downtown would be nice. But beyond that, we're not really aware of what's out there as far as south-side neighborhoods go. Do any of you have suggestions on areas of town we might start checking out?
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Bunny for Sale!

I have a bunny. Almost three months old. You can view him/her here. I have a $90 cage on wheels, a NIC cube "play pen," six months worth of food, one year worth of treats (unseasoned dried bananas and carrots), four months worth of timothy hay, multi-vitamin treats, a litter box, food dish, water bottle, exercise ball (although he doesn't really like it) and a front wear carrying pouch/bag. I really wanted to spend a lot of time making him/her social and what not. The truth is I really don't have enough time for the bunny. I called the original breeder who had said I could take him back if it didn't work out but I guess they didn't really mean it. Anyway, I'm only asking $50 for the whole setup, I hope someone can help! e-mail me amber at castleamber dot org Thanks!
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Michael Moore: Seattle Slacker Video Report

Fans, Protesters Turn Out For Michael Moore

Video : KOMO 4 NEWS
Love him or hate him, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore nearly filled Seattle's KeyArena Tuesday night.

Watch Video/Read Report

Video requires the use of the free QuickTime Player.


KOMO News spent a third of their report on the anti-moore group outside the key. The Seattle Times reported the number of this group was 10. 10 people! Shame on KOMO News...


I live in Port Townsend, two hours and a ferry ride from Seattle.
Foolproof Performing Arts, the organizers of the Seattle event, flat out lied to me.
They said there would not be a press conference before the talk.
And there was.
They said there was no more room for me - and there was.


Don't you just love it when the people on the same team - lie to you.
But, it is probably like water off a ducks back with BUSH heads.
Lies are their stock in trade...

Michael Moore Dot Com - Seattle's Key Arena is packed to the rafters as Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising Tour" rolls into town.

Does anyone have any digital pixs from last night?
What was it like from your point of view?


Care to see a movie tonight?

We're going to see the 7 PM Goodbye Dragon Inn at the Grand Illusion tonight. Would anyone like to join us? If you haven't been there before, the theater is a delight, and it's the perfect place to see an intimate story like this. Next week they'll be showing a new print of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times - free for members on Tuesday!

Speak up if you'll be there and I'll look for you in the coffee shop before it starts.

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Monorail flame wars are love.

Yes on Initiative 83

So, I really just want to know if everything in the above-referenced PDF is true. Please advise.

p.s. I think a lot of people are confused w/ regards to this initiative; about a dozen people have told me that they are pro-Monorail and they are voting "Yes" on I-83. i thought, at first, that people were just stupid, but i think it's just a confusing situation since they're so used to voting "yes" for the monorail or "no" to be against it.

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Join Old World Martial Arts the weekend of December 4th and 5th as we Present - Medieval Sword: I.33 and the Methods of George Silver with Maestro Sean Hayes (http://www.northwestacademyofarms.com)

The seminar will begin with a day on George Silver's single shortsword fight, as exemplified by his "Brief Instruction Upon My Paradoxes of Defence". On Day One we will discuss Silver's Grounds and Governors, and his True and False Times, and examine how they play out in his method of fight at the single sword with the use of the off-hand for grappling.

Day Two will begin with MS I.33's method of sword and buckler fight. We will study the custodie (wards) and obsessiones (counters) shown in the manuscript and the plays employed with them. Since MS I.33 is arguably didactical manuscript designed to teach principles through specific examples (or plays), we will examine the application of the principles derived from the plays in situations not illustrated in the manuscript.

Since techniques performed without regard to their application are of limited value, each set of drills will contain both a technical (or "how-to") aspect as well as a tactical (or "when-to") component. This tactical element will help the swordsman develop a framework for analyzing his opponent and deciding on which techniques best suit his tactical approach.

A short discussion of the nature of interpretation of source materials will be held, and will compare and contrast the issues involved in interpreting Silver, whose unfinished manuscript is textually dense but devoid of illustrations of plays, and I.33, which conveys its information in a combination of text and illustration.

Cost for this weekend event is broken out as follows:

$65 for one day, $100 for the entire weekend

Pre Reg (By November 15th) - $50 for one day, $75 for the weekend.

OWMA is located in Kent, WA (south of Seattle). For more details or directions, please see http://www.oldworldmartialarts.us


I want to switch to high-speed internet, and I heard that Comcast gives you a free webcam when you sign up with them. Is that true? Is it true, but you have to wait like 8 months before you ever get that thing?
I've read the memories so I have a good idea of what kind of service I want/need. Just thought I'd ask about this one thing.
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Here's a warning for everybody who reads this.
They are no good, lousy, stupid, fucked up, inconsiderate, incompetent, and the whole company can go to hell.
None of the people I've spoken to at that place seem to know what the hell they are doing and they definitely do not know how to perform their jobs in a correct way. If anybody else performed that badly at their job, they'd be fired in a heartbeat. That's all I have to say, I feel better now.
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Everyone seems really concerned about the presidential race - I'm wondering who here is going to vote for Christine Gregoire, and who for Dino Rossi. I would vote to keep Gary Locke in office, but sadly that's no longer an option.