October 18th, 2004


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Yes, let's make fun of me now.

I was wondering if anyone will be purchasing Jimmy Eat World tickets. And if so, can someone please purchase one for me? I can give you the 20 bucks on Wed when I get paid, I just don't have a damn credit card to do it NOW and I want to get one before it sells out.

I'll give you contact info & stuff and I won't rip you off for a measly 20 bucks =)
If someone happens to be buying and would be willing to do this, please comment.

You may now continue to make fun of me.

Goth Girrrrrrl Belly Dance class

One of my friends is teaching a gothic belly dancing class. She's an awesome performer and one of the favorites in Burning Hearts Burlesque. If I can scare up the money, I'm totally going to take this class!

Here's a basic description:
Basic belly dance skills are recommended as a prerequisite but are not required. You can use any of Delilah’s instructional DVDs or videos in conjunction with this class series and develop your dance in creative content as well as technique.
Explore dance character, costuming, makeup and mystique. Alternative music, cathartic dance and exotic play.
“Focus will be on stage presence, projection, makeup, costuming, archetypes and mythology in dance. We'll cover some bellydance basics too – arms, hands, and get those hips moving on their own. An ‘evil’ acting/bellydance class to gothic, EMB and industrial music. Rock'n'roll too.” – Laura Rose
This class will begin with a 20 minute workout and review of basic belly dance techniques followed by acting/vamping exercises, character work and exotic costuming and makeup tricks.

More info here.
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Voter registration

I just got back from the courthouse. There's a huge line of people trying to register to vote (Luckily for me, the line for already registered voters just wanting to pick up absentee ballots was much shorter.) Anyone expecting to be able to just run over on their lunch hour and get it over with had an unpleasant surprise.
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Cookies, candy, soda, among other things!!! Provided by the UW Chapter of Silver Wings, a student group reaching out to the UW and the community!!

WHEN?? Thursday October 21 @ 6:30pm

WHERE?? The HUB, Room TBA (check for signs on the 1st floor)

WHY?? the FOOD, of course!! And to learn about a great service oriented student group here at UW.

Although a student group at UW, our organization is also open to students from other universities and other people interested in helping out their community!!

Snowboarding/Skiing Sales

Hi- it's that time of year... =D

Do any of you know of any good sales going on right now for snowboarding gear? Burton used to hold an annual sample sale in Redmond with tons of cheap goodies, but I'm not sure if they're still doing that.

I've heard of things like Ski Bonkers and wherehouse sales, but I don't know when/where those are or if they're worth going to. Any recommendations, advice would be appreciated.


if you have something you want to sell that's in pretty decent shape, I'm looking for snowboarding boots, about size 9 womens. And a nice warm snowboarding jacket. [x-posted to my journal and seattlebuysell]
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White Rabbit

I'm looking for this candy. I checked Uwajimaya downtown yesterday, Cost Plus World Market today. We've gotten them from either store before. Any ideas on where else I can find these yummy candies in the Seattle area?