October 17th, 2004

prepaid cellphone service

The time has come to get a better phone. However, because I am a Vancouver resident who spends a lot of time in Seattle, prepaid is pretty much the only route I can go.

I'd also prefer to have a little flip phone because (a) when it's in my bag it isn't going to dial strange calls on me and (b) it's prettier to look at.

Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Landlords to avoid

Could someone put this in the memories. A friend advised that so long as I kept this to just what happened, and tried to keep the hyperbole and invective out, I should be fine legally, but I really don't want anyone else to ever have to deal with this woman.

Christine Feng

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NEVER rent from this woman. Please, and dear gods I hope none of you ever have to go through what we went through. She has a total and complete disregard for the law.

And wow, typing that out just got me all pissed off all over again. Pray to whatever Gods you believe in that you NEVER have to deal with anything like this.
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Registering to vote tomorrow

Anyone know if/where it will be possible to register to vote tomorrow after business hours? I live in the Lynnwood area, and will be working in Everett from 9 to 6 tomorrow. Closer is better, but I'm willing to travel to Seattle if I need to.
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Waterbed for sale

For Sale: CA king waterbed $200 OBO
CA King; I don't know what the difference is between regular king and CA, but it's a wide bed, approximately 6' X 7'

It's rather aesthetically challenged (some tears in the vinyl padded rails, scratches on the frame) but it's in real good shape and comes with everything except sheets.
-Matress (slightly discolored on the inside)
-Fill and patch kit
-Hose to fill it with (brand new)
-Heater (only a year old)
-Liner (no scratches or tears)
-Bleach (one cup a month substitutes well for expensive water conditioners)

I've had it for a few years, but just recently set it up again. Last time I set it up, I didn't have cats, so I just learned it's hell to try and sleep on it with three cats thumping around and making waterbedwaves.

I unfortunately don't have any way to deliver it, but if you're interested, comment or email me at Liv@ boygasm.net

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Any DJ's out there?

I am helping at an AIDS Charity Ball and they are looking for a DJ, preferable someone very inexpensive or even free perhaps...? If any of you would like to volunteer, i could send you more details, or if you know of any DJ's that would be interested, could you please refer them to this post? Any help would be much appreciated. My e-mail is sarahfeldman@gmail.com.

Thursday, Oct 21st

Come to Xentropic!

DJs Miss Flavio and Nubby Krayon spinning trip hop, down- tempo and ambient. Tasty (and inexpensive) beverages, free pool, fun. Doors open at 9. $4.00 cover. 21+ w/ id. Located at 10th and Union under the Autobattery shop in Capitol Hill.

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