October 16th, 2004

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i didn't come across anything about this on the site while scanning around. forgive me if i missed something obvious.

never been to this "vera project" joint so i have a few questions.

first: it seems to be a place that's way too pleased with itself for being friendly to the under 21 crowd. does this mean there is no bar?

second: the one thing i do know about them is that they refused re-entry (he had already gotten in and they only got the balls to say anything after he stepped out for a bit and tried to get back in) to someone i used to know for wearing a skrewdriver shirt. this alone would normally make me not want to go anywhere near the place, but i'm making an exception for this. the question is, if i wear my shirt that pertains to a serial killer, are they going to get all anal on me, too?

how far up their own butts are these people?
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Yay for voting.

So my fiance registered to vote online and sent in his paperwork, but never got his registration card in the mail...does that mean he's not registered? Is there a way to check? These are important matters!