October 15th, 2004


Gym Space

Hey -

I want to practice a sport in an indoor area. Does anyone know of a place I can practice for free? I need about 30-40 feet x at least 10 feet. My only spec is that the place has wood or concrete floors. Definitely no carpet! I'm in the north end but willing to travel as far south as Tukwila.

smtn drummer

Don't Let The Government Ruin Our Fun!

I just read a very disturbing article on www.komo4.com written by Ken Schram. http://www.komo4.com/stories/33530.htm

I'm not sure how many of you spend time at Golden Gardens or Alki, but I do know that one of the main reasons I go to either of those beaches is for the fun, community-like, atmosphere. Please read the article linked above. What's basically happening is the city of Seattle wants to ban all bonfires on both beaches OR start charging people to use the bonfire 'bins'. Their motive behind this action is rather ridiculous and I'll go ahead and copy/paste the Ken Schram article to give you all a better idea of what this is all about. I STRONGLY urge you all to write your opinions on the issue to Ken Bounds(his email address is in Ken Schrams article), the Park Director who is trying to put the bonfire ban in effect. I for one am tired of the government putting an end to traditions like these.

Below is the article from komo4.com, written by Ken Schram:

Ken Schram Commentary: Dousing The Community Flame

October 15, 2004

By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - Vanity of the bonfires.

What's been a tradition for decades may soon be no more.

In its never-ending quest to protect us from ourselves, Seattle government is looking to ban bonfires at Alki and Golden Gardens -- the only city parks where such fires are allowed.

Among the reasons: The smoky smell bothers some people living nearby; kids get their feet dirty when walking through ashes on the sand; last year someone burned a couch!; beach fires might have a 1 percent impact on air quality.

Parks Director Ken Bounds says one night he counted some 57 illegal fires at Golden Gardens.

I asked if he called police.


I asked if any citations were issued.


But what the hey, 57 illegal fires SOUNDS scary.

So scary that the city is going forward in its drive to smother every last vestige of spontaneity and enjoyment from our lives.

Repeat after me: Government knows best.

Of course, IF the city keep allowing bonfires, it's also looking at charging a bonfire fee.

And as we all know, if there's one thing the city likes better than controlling our lives, it's picking our pockets!

Anyway, I think we need to tell park officials how we think about this. Ken Bounds' e-mail is ken.bounds@seattle.gov

I think we need to let them know that, when it comes to banning bonfires, they can kiss our ash.
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Michael Moore in Seattle

(sorry if this has been posted here before)


An Evening with MICHAEL MOORE
The Slacker Uprising Tour to Get Out the Vote!
7:30 pm

TICKETS - $15.00 floor, $5 uppper level
(service fees may apply)

No stranger to controversy, Michael Moore elicited boos at the Republican convention in New York while his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" continues to break attendance records nationwide. Oscar winner for "Bowling for Columbine," author of the bestsellers Dude, Where's My Country? and Stupid White Men...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation. Tickets: www.foolproof.org and Ticketmaster - 206-628-0888, ticketmaster & all Ticketmaster outlets

update: Also, take note that there will be a film crew from Westside Production filming/recording that night, maybe for a DVD or TV special?

Looking for testers/devs

RealNetworks is hiring engineers like crazy right now. Say what you will about RN, but it's on the westside right by the water, the benefits are good, the pay is competitive and it's actually pretty darn cushy. You get your own office, three weeks vacatiton and don't have to start work until 10am etc. This is all backend server type testing/dev.

Software Test Engineers: Blackbox & whitebox testing, multiple OS/Unix experience required.

Software Development Engineers: Java, C, C++, Cross platform development experience required

If expierenced, please send me your resume at licky@comcast.net.

At&t users?

I've been using At&t for about 12 years, and I've grown accustomed to spots that will drop calls. But this last week, I haven't been able to get service ANYWHERE. My call gets dropped three times a conversation. Even at home where I've always had a full bar, I can't even call out that much.

If it's just me, I'll call them in complain. If it's not, I'll let it go because I'm sure that someone else who is crankier than I am has already said something.