October 14th, 2004

Pin Curls

Noble Knob Trail

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Has anyone done this trail? It's the only one I can find that's dog-friendly near Mount Rainier. The web sites I've found say it's anywhere between 5 miles and 21 miles (but most say about 7 miles). If anyone has an idea on the exact length and approximately how long it takes round-trip at a moderate pace, I'd be much obliged! Also, what sort of conditions should I expect this time of year?
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help needed!

I have a friend in the downtown Seattle area that needs help moving a bed and some boxes. From what I understand the bed is not very big. I was going to go down there with a friend today but I have 2 interviews and a phone interview I have to take as I am in dire need of employment.

If anyone can help please let me know and I can give the address and details.

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I have a short stone stairway in my back yard which has gotten so broken down that my insurance company insists I replace it before someone dies because of it.

Can anyone provide me with a recommendation for someone who could, say, take them out and rebuild them to code? I'm not committed to rebuilding them in stone - wood would be fine.

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Make Your Vote Count

Hey all--

Election Show 2004, an improvised comedy show, just received an excellent review/feature from the UW Daily.

Election Show 2004 is an improvised election where the audience votes for the President! Featuring improvised debates, attack ads and more it's the political comedy show everyone's talking about!

> "Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
> "Funny and politically irrelevant" - The Stranger
> "a hilarious and all-too-recognizable send-up of the political system" - James Sutter, UW Daily
> Seattle PI: Fall Arts 2004 Theater Pick
> Featured on Northwest Cable News
> Mentioned in The Seattle Times, NPR and the Seattle Sinner

See you there!

Quick Info:
> Show name: Election Show 2004: An Improvised Election
> Performances: Thursdays and Fridays @ 8:00 - October 14, 15, 21, 22
> Where: The Historic University Theater – 5510 University Way – U-District, Seattle
> Cost: $10, $8 w/student ID or $1 off with valid voter registration card
> Created and Directed by John Boyle and Douglas Willott
> Online Campaign HQ: www.electionshow.com
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(no subject)

Today is the last day Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry (about his service and subsequent organization of protesting of Vietnam) is playing in Seattle. I just came back from seeing it, and I liked it a lot. This may sound cheesy, but it really moved me. Remaining show-times are:
Metro Cinemas 4:50 | 7:25 | 9:30
Uptown Cinemas 5:00 | 7:15 | 9:30
Or in Redmond at Regal Bella Botega 11 Cinema 5:15 | 7:30 | 9:45
I highly recommend it!
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Yva Las Vegass...New Release

Ok, so I went to see Kultur Shock Friday night and spent some of the time hanging out with Yva Las Vegass. Yes, she spells it with the double S. Some of you may remember that she played in Sweet 75 with Krist Novoselic from Nirvana. I love hanging out with her. She's friggin' NUTZ!!

So anyway, she made me promise that I'd spread the word that she has a six song CD out now. The copy she gave me was in a brown paper lunch sack with "Ass Records" and a song list written on it with black marker. No CD title and in true Yva fashion, she neglected to tell me how other people can get it. But I figured I let it be known that it's out there. It's basically her singing Venezuelan folk songs and playing her Quatro. (4 string tiny guitar.) This is some really raw, beautiful stuff! Her voice is rough, smoky and real. She jumped up on stage and played all six songs while Kultur Shock were setting up. Totally guerilla style. She wanted to Surprise Gino (Kultur Shock's frontman) because it was his birthday that night. Man! Just her and that Quatro almost brought my wife Mel and I to tears. Most of it is not in English, but if you have RealAudio you can click here and hear an English song. Or go to giantradio.com and click on the Northwest Artist link. Then move down until you see Yva Las Vegass and follow that link. This song gives some insight into Yva's personality. She's funny as hell, and brutally honest...but she'd wear me out if I had to hang with her everyday.

Oh, by the way, if you follow that link, just remember, Yva's kinda crazy, in a good way but still...and it's definitely parental advisory worthy!!
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Puget Sound Oil Spill

I'm sure many have seen coverage on today's oil spill in Commencement Bay on Puget Sound (near Tacoma). Both the Seattle PI and Seattle Times have some details. The source of the spill is not yet known.

I've been keeping an eye on People for Puget Sound but I still haven't seen any calls for volunteers. Has anyone seen or heard of any requests for volunteers to help clean up or attend to affected wildlife?

Weird Request

So, I know this is a long shot but...

Would anyone be willing to take care of a small tiny dog, for an undisclosed period of time?

Situation: My old roommate got a dog, then got a job offer in a far away land. She couldn't get a place that would allow her to take the dog with her, so she asked her friend to take care of the dog for her, until she could get a place that would allow dogs.

The situation now is.. the person who is supposed to be taking care of the dog is completely neglectful and horrible to the dog. She still can't take the dog with her, but she absolutely adores the dog and does not want to give him up!!!

She has no idea when she will be able to take the dog with her... but, she does not want to give the dog up if she can.

The question is, would anyone be willing to take care of the dog until she can find a place that would allow her to take the dog with her!! But, she doesn't know when that will be. :(

Anyone?? Anyone?

Oh yeah. He is a really cute little dog. Weighed abuot 4 pounds when she got him. Terrier mix?
He is potty trained and crate trained, and well behaved for the msot part.