October 13th, 2004


Update to the Cougar situation

remember a bit ago when there was all of the fuss about the cougar cubs that were being housed at PAWS?

Well, good news:

"PAWS has been inundated with requests for information regarding the status of the orphaned cougar cubs PAWS has been caring for since September. Because the cougars were too young to be successfully rehabilitated and released to the wild, the Department of Fish and Wildlife has decided to give them to the Memphis Zoo where they will spend the rest of their lives in a 1,500 square foot enclosure. This hand-off is expected to happen sometime this week so stay tuned to www.paws.org for details."

You can all rest easy now :)
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Birthday Free Stuff

Hello fellow citizens of Seattle!

Does anyone know of businesses/restaraunts/whatever that give out free stuff on birthdays? I've heard Chipotle on the Ave will give you a free burrito, but I want to reap all the rewards of being old(er).

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Women and War

from the poster on campus:

Women and War
Ninotchka Rosca</b>

Ninotchka Rosca is the Philippine's pre-eminent novelist, author of five books and recipient of the 1993 American Book Award for Excellence in Literature. A politial prisoner under the Marcos regime, Rosca is the founding chair of GABRIELA Network, a Philippin-US woman's solidary organization working against the trafficking of women and the role of the IMF/World Bank/WTO in creating a global sex trade.

Shoreline Community College --gymnasium
Tuesday, Oct 26 @7:30pm
Tickets: 206.546.4606 or at the door
General Admission: $10 // Discount $8 // SCC/Kid $4
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A white tie...

Pretty simple; I need a white tie but haven't been able to find one. Where can I buy one? Prefer 50ish dollars opposed to $100+. No cream, no off-white. WHITE. =) Need it in the next couple days so no mail order/etc.

*ALL AGES* DJ event 10/15 (Friday) @ The Catwalk

Holy shit, this happens so incredibly rarely.

Industrial, wave and underground, spun by DJs Androidheart and Glis, this Friday, at the Catwalk in Pioneer Square.

It’s FREE.


There will be a FULL BAR for the 21+.

Here’s the flyer. Here’s the Catwalk’s website. Doors open at 9pm.

Address, etc:
The Catwalk Club
172 South Washington St. in Pioneer Square
Info: 206-622-1863

I will be there with little black bells on, and three gothlings in tow.
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Was anyone taping Lost tonight?

I went by Comcast Digital Cable's timetable instead of checking Yahoo! ...

... so I turned on the TV, expecting to find Lost, and instead found it going off.

I'd happily pay for a copy... bloody Seattle Cable...
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(no subject)

I was wondering if any of you know of any protests, rallies, demonstrations or festivals going on in the next week. I love taking pictures at those events and haven't been to one in a while! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Looking for a Job?

Here's me pimping out my employer...

What: Expedia.com Job Fair
When: Tomorrow between 10:00am - 3:00pm
Where: 2106 Pacific Ave Suite 400 Tacoma, Wa. 98402
How: Bring in your Resume, & use Me as a Reference
(email me or reply & I'll give ya details)
What: Hiring for Customer Support Reps, Inbound Call Center
(they have full benefits after 90 days, paid vacation & sick days)

Good Luck Job Hunting!

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