October 10th, 2004

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Local Sightings

WigglyWorld's 7th Annual Local Sightings
In partnership with Altoids, the Curiously Strong Mints
October 8-15
at Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, Seattle

Hedda Gabler
Sunday, Oct 10, 9:30pm

Hedda Gabler
(Paul Willis, 2004, DV, 90min.)
As a founder of Printer's Devil Theater, Paul Willis staged a live performance of Hedda Gabler in 2000 to widespread acclaim. With his film, he brings the same actors from the play and transforms the live performance into a motion picture with ingenious artistic dexterity. The production used MiniDV video cameras and post production manipulation at Flying Spot to successfully capture an oppressive suburban heat which quickly turns into a powder keg of re-ignited desire.

"This visually-stunning adaptation of the Henrik Ibsen play transposes the action into a contemporary setting in which the newly-married, quick-witted and energetic Hedda (Heidi Schreck) and her bland but stable husband George (Matt Ford) have recently arrived in their brand new home. When a friend informs them that George's professorship at the university might be threatened by the rebound of his academic and onetime romantic rival Eilert (Deron Bos), everyone's insecurities bubble up to the surface."

Hedda Gabler was made possible through support from The Northwest Film Forum, Flying Spot and the Allen Foundation for the Arts.

Reserve tickets for this show online here
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What happened to Almost Live?

Reruns* come on every Saturday at this time. Every Saturday night hubby and I asked each other why it isn't on the air. It was hilarious, we rarely missed an episode. I am sure one of you out there knows WHY? Cancelled? Moved on? I need full details, please.

*added the word rerun after I posted!

From a list

I saw this and I thought it would be of interest for this community -

Join our Volunteer Team and Gain Computer Skills and Receive a Free Computer

InterConnection Computer Reuse and Learning Center makes proper use of the tons of usable electronic items that are discarded daily, teaches computer maintenance and repair skills to local community members, and provides computers and monitors to non profit organizations locally and abroad.
Volunteers help disassemble, repair and test computers, install hardware and software and process computer donations. Volunteers who put in 20 hours receive a FREE Pentium II, 350 MHZ or above computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard. Young people, low income and anyone who wants to gain computer skills and a computer are welcome. No technical skills required. We will teach you computer skills.

Location: 124 N 35th St Seattle, WA 98103

Hours: 1pm to 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 10am to 3pm

Contact: Charles Brennick at brennick@interconnection.org

For more information please visit: computers.interconnection.org
You can also support the Computer Reuse and Learning Center by donating your old computer or monitor.
NonprofitNetworking is a service of The Evergreen State Society http://www.tess.org.

Is this your bike?

hannahadams just bought me a bike for $15 off the street. It’s likely hot, and if we can figure out who it belongs to, we’d like to return it. If you’re missing a bike or know someone who’s missing a bike, please take a look at this link and tell me if it’s yours. Until I hear back from someone, I’m going to ride it to work. If it will make it that far :)
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Another Local sightings entry

Hi all,

Just thought I'd follow up on the other Local Sightings posting, and implore each and every one of you to get out there and support some local filmmakers. I've got two short films playing at the fest. One under the SHORTS: TRAGEDY & COMEDY (mine's "Kitchen Soup for the Soul") and SHORTS: DANCING & DATING (mine's "Terry"). Terry is playing Sunday, Oct 10 @9pm and again on Thursday, Oct 14 at 7:30 (which is a free screening!!). Kitchen Soup is playing, well, yesterday, and Monday, Oct 11 @ 9:30pm.

1515 12th Avenue between Pike and Pine, next to the Police station. I'll be at all the screenings, say hello! :) My website with more info is http://www.gadzookfilms.com - thanks for the shameless plug!

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my boyfriend, roommate, and i are thinking about moving to seattle in may when our lease is up. i've been told that it's super expensive to live there, however, and that there aren't many jobs...are these just rumors to dissuade me from leaving florida?
any input would be awesome...
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Laura Hatch Found!!!

I posted a few days ago about my friend's missing sister. I just saw an article on king5.com that said she was found alive in an embankment today. She is in serious condition at Harborview. Thank you all for your support and for keeping an eye out!!!! Ohmigod, i am soooooo happy!


Another painful overtime loss for the Seahawks. This one really hurt. We're still in 1st place in the West, but next week against New England is going to be really tough. At least they set a Qwest Field attendance record for a football game--the crowd was really into it.
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Lucifer's Lounge 10/11

Just a reminder that Lucifer's Lounge has been moved to October 11th(which would be tomorrow) this month. Come on down and join us for martinis while Andrew and Brishan spin jazz,swing,big band,crooners, torch songs and more! Cover is $4.00 all night. Doors open at 9. 21+ w/id please. We're located under the Autobattery Shop at 10th and Union on Capitol Hill. See you there!
It's Me!

TIckets for all the Broadway shows this season at the Paramount.

Hey all! I bought season tickets for the Broadway in Seattle series at the Paramount, but now I'm having er, financial issues.
SO, this means you benefit from my financial woes.
I'm selling the tickets I have for the season, at the season ticket holder price.
The details:
The seats are on the main floor, mezzanine. Seats are D 1 and 2. Yes, these are even coveted AISLE seats!!
Prices and performance times are as follows:

SOLD-Riverdance- SOLD Sun 17, 2004, 6:30pm --- $62.00 per ticket. Seats for this show ONLY are Row C seats 13 & 14, still on the Main Floor. SOLD SOLD
Little Shop of Horrors- Sun Nov 7, 2004, 6:30pm --- $52 per ticket
SOLD- The Lion King -SOLD- Sun Dec 12, 2004, 6:30 pm --- $70 per ticket SOLD SOLD
Patti Lupone "Matters of the Heart"- Sun Apr 17, 2005, 6:30pm -- $41.00/each
SOLD-The Graduate-SOLD- Sun May 1, 2005, 6:30pm --- $45 per ticket SOLD SOLD
Wonderful Town- Sun Jun 5, 2005, 6:30pm --- $52 per ticket

I'll post this message as each performance time gets closer, so for newcomers, or those that didn't see the post.

Please feel free to reply here, but you'll probably get in touch with me quicker just by dropping me a quick email at
littlechick78 at hotmail dot com