October 9th, 2004


Please take a moment and read this, we need help.

Missing since 11:00pm Saturday, October 2, 2004
Date of birth: 9/2/87
Physical description: Female Caucasian, height 5'7”, weight 115; eyes blue/green; dark brown, almost black shoulder-length hair.
Last seen driving a 1996 dark blue Toyota Camry; Washington plates - number 848KJK; with spoiler on trunk lid; custom chrome 3-spoke wheels.
Last seen wearing dark blue flared-leg bluejeans, grey t-shirt with green writing on the breast, white sweatshirt and white tennis shoes. CONTACT: THE KING COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT with any information 206-296-7692 -OR- the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Leigh Hearon 206-240-8324

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This community is very informative.

I dont know if I should introduce myself first but I would like to reach out if anyone is listening.

I have been playing music for several years in bands here and there. I moved to seattle about a year ago giving up alot of friends and my old band back in Rhode Island. I would very much like to start a band or at the very least play music and make some new friends here. Again I dont know if I should go into details but briefly I will state that I have played several musical genres, and that I live in capital hill. If your interested feel free to reply and regardless if you are a musician or not I am always interested in meeting and talking to new people.

Seattle Theater community

I've done a couple of searches here on LJ to see if there's a community focused on attending, reviewing and discussing theater in town and haven't been able to find any. Does anyone here know of such a community? There's nothing listed on the Seattle-related communities list that I could tell.

If no one knows of such a thing, would anyone besides me be interested in such a community here? Show of hands? If I see more than, say, 5, I'll launch one and announce it here.

world headphones

selling jewelry

anybody had any experience trying to sell jewelry? i am trying to get rid of a ring that is gold w/many, many small diamonds on it. i do not want to pawn it because i am looking to get rid of it, not get a loan on it. and i was told pawn shops won't give you much for selling an item to them as opposed to pawning it. i am not expecting to get a whole lot for it, but i should be able to get something i can live with. i've looked online for buyers and brokers but can't find many websites w/good info and most don't even have websites. i was hoping someone has done this and can point me in a good direction. thank you!


Coriander is playing at the Dubliner in Fremont.

Also playing is Blue Star Creeper, featuring Kelly Blanchard, formerly of Coriander.

The Dubliner
3515 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103-8813
Phone: (206) 548-1508

21+, no idea if there's a cover, probably starts 'round 9 pm.


looking for a pet store that sells, or local breeders of axolotl.

google-ed the hell out of this one. best we could find was a lot of sites in the .cz domain, and a "breeder award program" from the Greater Seattle Aquarium society (they are worth 20 points, so i assume someone in this state has at some point owned / bred these little critters.

anyway, if the name doesn't ring a bell, here are a few pictures:

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on an aquarium side note:
does anyone know of a place in the greater Seattle area to buy Live brine shrimp? i know fin& feather used to circa 1994 but i am running short on ideas.

looking for Y. Trabet

Bizarre series of incident... the bookstore where I work, Queen Anne Books (1811 Queen Anne Ave N), is being pranked by a rabbit. Not a real rabbit, of course, but someone who clearly has a rabbit fixation. Started about a week ago with the discovery of The Joy of Cooking Rabbits sitting on one of our tables. Since then, we have discovered on the shelves of our store books such as Da Bunny Code, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Rabbits, When Bad Things Happen To Good Bunnies and many other lovely books. They're all old Reader's Digest books with squares cut out of the inside pages and treasures tucked inside, but the flycovers are really amazing. Very well done. In addition, we've gotten 2 letters from Y. Trabet with nothing but pictures of people in bunny suits inside of the envelopes. Oh, and of course each book is "ex libris Y. Trabet" and some of them are "written" by Y. Trabet (except those written by "authors" such as John Steinbunny, who brings you The Rabbits of Wrath.

We have yet to catch the bunny prankster, but we are keeping all the books behind the shelf. Anyone heard of anything similar going on around town?

Switchfoot, Oct 11

I've got three tickets to the Switchfoot concert on Monday (Oct 11) that I can't use. It's at the Moore Theater at 7pm. I paid $18.50+7.30 (Ticketmaster charge) back in August when they first went on sale. I'd like to recover as much of the money I paid as possible, I'd like to get the full price I paid for each ticket but it's negotiable. If interested, you can email me at krismith[AT]u.washington.edu.

SFM movie screenings

The Science Fiction Museum is hosting several movie screenings of classic SF films over the next few weeks. Last night the inaugural film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was shown, followed by a discussion led by John Kessel, an author and professor from North Carolina State University. It was quite fun, but there were a lot of empty seats in the theatre, so I don't think it's getting much press.

Next Friday's film is "2001: A Space Odyssey" hosted by local author Greg Bear. Details here.

October 22: Star Wars - Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
October 29: Tron
November 5: Gattaca
November 12: The Matrix

There is also a Northwest Science Fiction readers series of lectures going on, but it is midway through the series. See the Museum calendar for more details.