October 7th, 2004

Missing girl

Everyone, i don't know where else to look, so i am hoping one of you may be able to help. On Saturday, my good friend's sister named Laura Hatch turned up missing. She is 16 or 17, approximately 5'7", pale skinned, medium brown hair and and fairly thin. She is from Redmond and i believe goes to Redmond High. Her family is in desperate need to try and find her. Please, if any of you know anything, please please please let me know. You can e-mail me at sarahfeldman1@yahoo.com. Any help whatsoever would be extremely appreciated. I don't know if i left out any vital information, but let me know if i did. Thank you.

Fave cab company?

Does anyone have a fave company where the drivers are reliably good (like don't touch your face & don't insist on driving to your bank with the meter running because they can't get your ATM card to work)?

As far as I know most drivers don't work for the company anyway?

Any friendly cabbies out there? Maybe I could make a list & call that before calling a company.

Just had a guy make a $16 ride into a $25 ride - geez, I was going to give him a big tip cuz he got me out of the rain.

(yep, I'm complaining again, yep)

Everyone needs a little Romance Romance in their life right?

Attention Theater Lovers and West Seattlites!

Last night I went to see the opening of a new play at ArtsWest called Romance Romance. It's a musical, it's a comdey, it's a love story, it's a great show!

Act One takes place in and around the city of Vienna at the turn of the century, this half of the play is "a delightful romp through the sexual ennui of turn-of-the-century Vienna, based on Schnitzler's tale The Little Comedy, in which two wealthy socialites, unknown to each other and weary of dating normal, everyday high-society, "dress down," meet, and find romance in each other's meager and false personas."

Act Two takes place in a summer house in the Hamptons in August 1989, this half of the play "takes a modern look at affection and tribulation in a two-couple summer house in the Hamptons, based on the Jules Rendard play Summer Share. Two close couples examine what honesty and dedication in marriage and friendship mean when they are tempted to stray."

So if you are a theater lover or a West Seattlites and are looking for something different, entertaining and fun I highly recommend catching this play. Performances run from October 6-30, Wednesdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm, matinees on Saturdays and Sunday, 15th at 3:00, check out the website and go see. (ArtsWest)
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does anybody know anything about getting eye exams w/o insurance? as in how much they cost? or where to go to get cheap ones?
my situation is that it's been a couple years since my last eye exam and am in desperate need of new glasses and/or contacts. i have been unemployed for close to 2 years now and have no insurance. and of course this means i'm practically broke.
so if anybody knows anything that could help me out i would really so very very much appreciate it.
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Check out our website for more info and our brand new Movie Trailer!!!!

Unsung at Local Sightings Festival
Monday, October 11th, 9PM
Northwest Film Forum - www.nwfilmforum.org
1515 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
(Between Pike & Pine)

This showing is part of the Local Sightings Festival in the brand new Northwest Film Forum. Come join us!

Unsung is a Seattle-produced independent film about a scamming loser out to make the greatest karaoke video ever. The lead character Bruce is oblivious to everything except what he wants, and that's usually some half-baked fantasy about big riches and easy livin'. From the beginning, laziness catches up with Bruce and his live-in documentarian Chuck, and they find themselves homeless, jobless, friendless, in a word, hopeless.

But after a visit to the local bar on karaoke night, they decide that making the world's greatest karaoke video is their ticket to the good life. They pick up rockstar wannabe Dillon to star in the video, and with a vague idea and half a wit, set out to make a video for "the karaoke singers that depend on us and our craft."

Featuring an all-star local music soundtrack

Carissa's Wierd
The Catch
Climax Golden Twins
The Decemberists
The Divorce
Juhu Beach
The Long Winters
The Malinks
Satan's Pilgrims
The Thermals
Jen Wood
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Ok, I figure I should give this a shot.

I'm looking for part time work in the downtown area. I have experience in food service, so something along those lines would be great. Since I go to HCC in the mornings I'd prefer something in the afternoon or night, but nothing before 2pm. Ideally I'd want something starting at 2pm. If there's something there I'd really appreciate it and also contact information and an address would be great too.
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Wedding Ceremony/Reception Sites


Just looking for some recommendations and ideas for a place to have a wedding in Washington State. We originally wanted to sneak away and do something smaller in Maui, but seeing as how my Grandpa won't get on a plane to go with us, I'm now looking for an outdoor site in Washington.

This will be during the summer, and we're not interested in having it at a Church or Chapel. Ideally we'd like to be on the beach, but I'm not sure what beaches allow you to do that here? Or one that's nice and clean. Or not too cold and windy. Any ideas for beaches?

Other ideas I like: botanical or flower gardens, lush, green, and clean. Nothing too snazzy, or too ridiculously expensive. We'll try to make it very DIY.

Any suggestions/links to sites of places you've been to would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks!! You can also send me info via e-mail if you prefer: liz@lizmonky.com

Free Integrated Dance Workshop at UW

"...an interest in the diversity of human expression...
Integrated dance strives to find ways of teaching and creating dance that is suitable for participants with and without disabilities. As part of Dance 490, two open public integrated dance workshops are offered this autumn. The workshop includes a warm up, creative tasks and improvisations. It is open to anybody interested in movement and dance, no previous dance experience is required.

Where: Dance Program UW, Seattle
Meany Studio 267

When: October 30 and November 20 (Both on Saturdays)
Studio opens 1.30 pm. Course time 2-5 pm

How: This is a free workshop with limited number of places, please contact
the instructor to sign up.

Email: kochj@u.washington.edu Phone: 2066167561 Web: http://www.faculty.washington.edu/kochj

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