October 3rd, 2004


Fun in Burien

Just stopped back home for my lunch break and found neighbors standing out in front of our house looking down the street. There is a motorcycle helmet laying in the street as well as a motorcycle on its side about 4 houses down from it. A cop car is already here. From what I heard listening to the neighbors is some idiot revved it down the street wiped out and then took off. I think the cop may even be scoping out people's back yards looking for the guy who is probably pretty torn up after skidding down the street on his ass. The motorcycle is still running because I heard one of the neighbors yell "Hey! It's still running, let's go out for a spin!" Now they are talking about how the motorcycle might be stolen. Grreeaat..
the everlasting (ele_309 made this!)

an idea

i noticed the sad absence of an lj community for kent, so i created one.


if anyone lives in/around kent and wants to be able to more easily talk to others in the same area, feel free to join.

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Anyone know where I might be able to find pompons (you know, cheerleader-y type things) in town? Preferably in an assortment of colors. Thanks!
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