October 2nd, 2004

yoko and puppy

Hey Seattle musicians...

I am looking for the following to plya for about an hour or two on one saturday this month...

*a deejay who spins bossanova, world, samba, brazilian, jazzy downbeat stuff.

*Someone who plays jazz guitar, maybe accompanied by bass.

*Cellist, violinist-who is into stuff like rachels, etc.

*a laptop deejay who spins bossanova, world, downbeat, bossanova.

*Two piece that does bossa, smokey and miho, bebel gilberto stuff.

This would be at Pacific Place where i work where we will eb doing a "happy hour" type thing-in exchange we will give you some product from our store and or a gift certificate for L'Occitane-think a great xmas gift for your girl,boy, husband, mutha, brutha or papa. We will also have some horduerves, drinks and we will put out a tip jar too....whatcha think?

email me at chaosmassive@aol.com

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Room For Rent!!

Okay, once again, screwed. I need to find someone ASAP to sublease this room from me in this great house!!!

3bed/2bath house in N. Seattle, just minutes from everything, on buslines!
Hardwoods, 2 floors, huge yard and deck, decent kitchen, W/D, and HOT TUB!

Share with 2 others, 1 male, 1 female, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and another cat ok.

Rent is $425/last/deposit, utilities split 3 ways. References asked for by landlord. As stated, you would be subleasing from me for the remainder of the lease which runs until the end of February (option to renew) Last and deposit can be paid over a few months

Looking for a person ASAP as the room is available NOW! So hurry don't miss this great house!!
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Voter Registration

If you missed sending in your voter registration information by mail (had to be postmarked today), you can go to the downtown Seattle office and register in person by October 18th.

500 4th Avenue, Room 553
Seattle WA 98104-3280
Phone: 206-296-8683
Fax: 206-296-0108

Please register to vote.
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I am wondering everyones opinions on I-892. I dislike Tim Eyman but I am not against people wasting their money gambling either. I think his numbers are off though... and I certainly don't want to turn Washington state into Nevada. Anyway, Thoughts?

I have to say..

I have to say even though the M's sucked this year at least some good things happened. Ichiro now holds the record for most hits in a single Season, as well as Edgar Martinez had a great Retirement night. If you didn’t watch it, the street right next to Safeco Field will be called Edgar Martinez Drive, and The Commissioner of Baseball announced that the award for best DH will now be called the Edgar Martinez award.

This truly was a great day to be a M's fan.