September 28th, 2004

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lushes, mark your calendars.

seattle, forgive the starred profanity.
our country is all about censorship anyway.

October 16th - Hard Drink Servin', Good Timin', West Seattle Gay Bar, Guppies is shutting down to be relocated at a TBD date. Reason being is that the owner, Leon, doesn't want a gay bar in his building. I'll let you make your own conclusions why.

So, October 11th (the Monday after next Monday) is aptly named "F*ck Leon" Night, in which anyone who walks in and says yells the aforementioned phrase, gets a drink for $1.50. I'm not sure how many you could get for saying that, but normally it's half off wells, domestics, etc, all day anyway because Mondays are All-Day happy hours.

Guppy's West Seattle
4752 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: (206) 932-6996

And most likely, there will be karaoke that very same night, a half a block north, at the New Luck Toy Chinese Restaurant and Bar as well, where some LJers you might already know will be beltin' out the phat beats. or something.

Consider your Monday booked.
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Mount St. Helens' Volcano Cam

Cam Link
One or Two Quakes a Minute at in Wash

September 27, 2004 - 0930 Hours PDT - Mount St. Helens Earthquake Swarm Update - Due to continued small earthquakes and the occurrence of more and larger earthquakes beneath the volcano the Monument Manager has closed Mount St. Helens to climbing. The crater rim and flanks of the volcano above the 4800-foot level have been closed due to an increased potential for steam explosions from the lava dome that could propel rocks and/or ash clouds above the crater rim. Existing climbing permits have been cancelled and Jacks Restaurant and Store has stopped issuing new permits.

A number of trails in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument have also been closed, please check the Special Conditions Report for trail closure information.

Forest officials are in close contact with USGS and the University of Washington and will post updates as needed.
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Follow-up from my previous post: I went to Virginia Mason. I was in and out within about 1 hr 15 minutes. I was rather surprised... I had prepared myself for at least a three hour visit.

Great hospital, speedy transaction, an asset to the Seattle area, would def. go to the ER there again A++++++
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Police activity

So what's happening up on Capitol Hill between Pike/Denny? Something about a bus detained? 32 police cars? Arrests? djmalessence sent me a frantic IM describing some sort of situation going on up there. Please advise if you are in the area!
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work at home

crap! i swear i saw in here someone asking what work at home opportunities were legit, maybe about a couple weeks ago. i looked in memories and can't find it. can anyone direct me to it? or if you have info in regards to this i'd really appreciate it. thanks!
++Evil Ernie++

Job Inquiry

      Dear Seattle,

      I have recently seen a fair amount of job postings
      for a few Lab Assistants and Phlebotomists in the area,
      and am wondering if anyone on this forum can recommend a
      position for hire.

      I just completed my Certification of Proficiency
      through Lake Wa. Technical College and have
      140 hours of a phlebotomy internship completed,
      as well as all required types of lab blood draws.
      Dynacare Laboratories here in the Seattle area
      have sort of been wishy-washy in anything concrete
      regarding any leads for jobs, so I'm trying all my options.

      Thank you for your time and attention!!
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I need to know a good club to go to. If anyone know's of any please do tell. Cant be 21 or older though. :p I know there arent many, but there has to be some good ones!

Till next time.
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unemployed mac geeks?

If there are any unemployed Mac geeks in the crowd interested in a part time sales gig or otherwise at an Apple Retail store, pipe up. There are job reqs 2125919 and 2125917 available (search Apple's job site for job descriptions of these reqs and note location). Apply online, then contact me either by comment to this post or email to my @ livejournal address so I can pass information to and fro appropriately.

Also, if you are a Mac h8r, please make the inevitable something short, funny and original. I'm debating on whether it's points awarded or detracted for tasteless Steve Jobs cancer jokes, so watch your step. I'll be waiting and rating. Winner could get a vintage six color Apple vinyl clingy. OMG!

Edit: Well, looks like no one's biting, so soon I will remove this post. Limited time offer and all that jazz. Especially on that six color Apple logo vinyl clingy. I'm totally KEEPING IT. Suckers!

I did get a couple of giggles, though (points go to gillen for the dead trolls in a baggie video link and to oggsmith for the ctrl+alt+del comics), so I guess I'm a happier person for having made this post. I win teh intarweb! Yay!
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Curiosa Festival at the Gorge

As some of you might have already heard.. the Curiosa Festival is making its way to the Gorge on August 21st. I sorely want to go but have no ride and only know one other person who also wants to go.. and she, unfortunately, also does not have a reliable ride. So my question is whether any of you have traveled to the Gorge any other way other than by car.

I'm thinking about taking the train (Amtrak) or bus (Greyhound) there but am worried about how I will get to the Gorge from the stations.

If anyone has any information at all I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Computer monitor disposal

I've got two or three computer monitors that I have no idea what to do with. I can't just toss them in the dumpster -- isn't there an environmental issue that prevents that? I just need to know where I can get rid of them, preferably for free (but I'll pay if I have to).

The monitors work, but suck. We no longer use them because staring at them for any length of time causes headaches and eye strain.