September 27th, 2004

Concert Tonight!!!

Hey guys!
If you have nothing else to do, I suggest you go see Doria Roberts tonight at the Tractor Tavern. Ive seen her once before, and I flew in to visit my friend who lives here, and see Doria. I will totally be there(half the reason for coming to Seattle), and hopefully you can make it too. Doria has a similar sound to the lovely Ms. Ani Difranco. She puts on an awesome live show. So come!!

openers are: Hilary Goldberg and Cat Kinsey

Best place in Seattle for battery replacements for iPods?

    I checked under memories, but couldn't find anything.

    I'm trying to find a local company that would put in a new battery in my first generation iPod.

    I called around this morning (The Mac Store doesn't, both Apple Stores do—but for $99), but didn't have the kind of luck I was hoping for...

    I'm not spending $99 plus tax for battery replacement when a new 4th generation iPod is only around $150 more. I know I can order the battery/toolkit online for about $30 and attempt to do it myself, but... no. I'd rather pay someone that knows what they're doing. Just not $99. That's ridiculous.

    The Apple Store's in the U District (206-524-8100) includes a 90-day warranty to make sure battery works, and they completely replace the entire iPod (unsure if it's refurbished or brand new). The $99 also includes the cost of the disposal of the battery, so maybe it's not that bad of a deal after all...

    Maybe I'll just buy a Sony Network Walkman instead ;)

    Thanks in advance for any replies :)


WINGNUT GALLERIES is pleased to announce

October's Exhibition and Opening Party

Myth & Metaphor

Saturday, October 2
6 - 10 p.m.

A perfect exhibition for for those enchanted autumn evenings leading to Halloween.


Exquisite metal sculpture by Portland artist Mark Diamond
chalices, sceptors and jewelry based on Celtic and Norse mythology
(preview at

Ethereal, somewhat gothic doll figures by Tacoma photographer Rik Garrett

The desolate beauty of mixed-media doll sculptures by Indio

Opening is SATURDAY, Oct 2nd from 6 -10 + p.m.

Special live music by Krysztof & Traci Nemeth, ex of Sinforosa!

WingNut Galleries is located at
1205 E Pike Street (next to Elysian Brewery)
in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood

Show runs through Nov 2.


Well, it's time to move again.
I've checked memories but couldn't find anything on movers/moving companies but I do remember reading a post about it months ago.
Anyhow, can anyone give me recommendations, your experiences, etc. Oh yeah, this is within Seattle- I'm just moving like 3 miles over so no heavy duty stuff. I also really don't have that much stuff: maybe 10-15 med boxes at most, sofa, chaise, 27" TV and a queen sized bed.

Erin Blue

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It's Christmas Party planning time!

Anyone know someplace cool we can do our office party? Our owners like nice (meaning somewhat schmancy) but we (the employees) would like something a bit unusual/fun.

Anyone know of a compromise? :)

Hawks game bar!

Hi, y'all:
Looking for a good bar for hawks games -- one that isn't going to freak out when me and my friends (also girls!) come in and drink beer and scream bloody murder if the assholes on the other team score. Good specials and chick friendly essential; north end nice.

Any ideas?

Hair stuff.

Does anyone know of a local salon that does a really good relaxing treatment? Also, what does it usually run (my hair is super long) and how long does it last? If anyone has had it done, I'm most interested to hear how well it worked, and how effective it was and whatnot. The closer to U-District the better, but I'm willing to go anywhere in Seattle, really.
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