September 25th, 2004

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Does anyone know of a cap hill or downtown bar with big screen TV's where a girl and her friends could watch trash TV like America's Next Top Model? I know Manray used to have nights for trashy shows like Anna Nicole Smith's, does anyone know if they have one for ANTM? My living room is getting a bit too small for all the people who like this sublime piece of bitchery.

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Hello all!!

So...I'm looking for a place to get my canon t70 camera cleaned...and looking to buy a tripod...and some flood light type things to do some indoor photography...

anyone know of a place here in town that might be able to help? ...and... cheap is always good!

thanks in advance!
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I told my landlord about 3 weeks ago that I would be moving out and a few days after that he left a general note saying that he'd be showing my apartment on weekends. Well, the following two weekends he ended up not showing it to anyone, so he never came in or gave me anymore notice. Then today I came home and it was obvious that he had been in since he left my apartment's dead bolt UNLOCKED, which I *always* keep locked as this isn't a secure building. I know he has to give me 24 hours notice before entering... but my question is, does that first note really cover every weekend until I've moved? It seems like he should still have to notify me that he plans on coming in, not to mention he should, at the very least, be re-locking my door. Anyone have a clue what I can do?