September 23rd, 2004

Be Happy

Student Massage...

I DO NOT have my license in Washington. But I did receive it in the State of Hawaii. And it is still current. I'm thinking of going back to school. So I will need people to work on. Male or female is fine to me. But seeing on how I don't have a space to work in, I have to work out of my apartment. And I have a roommate. So the timing has to be precise. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to practice too much since receiving my license. But I work a full time graveyard shift starting at 10pm and I'm home about 7:30am. And my available days for massage are every other week. (Weeks are changed over on Tuesdays! So I am good this week, but starting on Tuesday 28th, I will be unavailable. Back and forth, I'm sure you get it!) On my weekends I can give massage during the grave hours. But seeing on how my schedule changes, I never can tell. I would like to meet in person before scheduling a massage...

Spare ADSL modem?

Does anyone have a spare ADSL modem I could borrow for a few days? I'd like to test the ADSL line I'm getting installed without waiting three weeks for them to send me a modem. I'd purchase one outright, but my DSL provider is providing me with a free one. If it works, I might be able to get them to just ship me the modem early instead of waiting for an installer to come.

Tonight 9/23

DJ Brishan will be in the bunker! Gothic/Industrial/Synthpop/80's and more. Doors open at 9. $4.00 cover all night. 21+w/id & full bar. We are located in Capitol Hill at 10th & Union under the Autobattery shop.
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creative distruction-local, indy hip hop crew in seattle...

hi, i don't know if i am breaking community rules, i don't think so...but if i am. i apologize...

i saw this group last night at tost (which is a KICK ASS SMOKE FREE BAR IN FREMONT!!!)and i thought they rocked. check them out if you are into local, indy hip hop groups.

positive message, lots of fun and good energy.
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